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Guestbook Message 127

william quarles

Location: Chattanooga TN
Date: 17.01.2010
Time: 22:56:32

I totally agree with your article on corrupt transcripts,i love the KJV bible,i have studied now for 15 yrs,textual criticism,and found your article to be totally correct,thank you for the information you have posted here! GOD BLESS YOU Rev.William Quarles

WordWeaver's Reply Below:

Hello William. Thank-you for your feedback. I am glad to hear that the KJV series helped to confirm your own position regarding this important issue.

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Guestbook Message 126


Location: China
Date: 22.12.2009
Time: 14:17:22

It is nice to read your article on JOB AND THE LAND OF UZ. I enjoyed your way of searching the scriptures, finding answers, and weighing the verses you have found. I have read both part I and II, but I thought there is another piece of information you have not yet investigated: Elihu, a kindred of Ram. I wonder if that would somehow help us a little bit in searching out this mystery. I will come back and read more of your other articles. Thanks and God bless!

WordWeaver's Reply Below:

Hello Yingjie. Thank-you for your comments. I believe that you are our first visitor from China to comment in our EPN Guestbook. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the article concerning Job and the land of Uz. I will look into the background of Elihu when my time permits. Thanks for the tip.

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Guestbook Message 125

Diana Vance

Location: Gastonia N.C.
Date: 14.12.2009
Time: 16:03:32

I am a God -chosen Prophetess and Evangelist and I have truley enjoyed your teachings.There are a lot of false teachings out there right now.You seem to be quite a loner as is normal for prophets--yes? I oft have trouble settling in a particular church-do you have that too? some folk seem to see me as "just strange"-I require a lot of alone time .Anyway-keep going on and I will pray for you.

WordWeaver's Reply Below:

Hello Diana. Thanks for your support. I truly appreciate it.

Concerning my teachings, well, let me just say this: I would seriously be afraid of knowingly and intentionally straying away from the truth of the Scriptures. I don't claim to know everything, and being human, there are undoubtedly some errors in my current understanding of the Scriptures; but I do strive to always support my views with the Word.

Having a fear of the Lord is a healthy thing. It is so sad today to see so many modern tele-evangelists and their ilk who purposely twist the Scriptures, and teach such false, deceptive doctrines, and who encourage such strange practices in the modern churches, to their own shame and eventual destruction.

I am not so bold as to refer to myself as a Prophet. The thought alone makes me feel very uncomfortable. I am a sinner like all men. I am what I am, and I do what I do, and I leave the rest up to the Lord regarding how others choose to view me. To Him be all the glory.

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Guestbook Message 124


Location: Tampa, Florida, USA
Date: 16.10.2009
Time: 02:44:15

I want you to know, your articles are truly a Blessing. I have been using them as study guides for myself and sharing the word online with friends. The latest one I studied was " Love, Mercy, Forgiveness and Chastisement." Truly wonderful and eye opening. Thank You for doing Gods work.
Love and Prayers,
Doris smile

WordWeaver's Reply Below:

Hello Doris. Thank-you for your warm remarks. It inspires me to know that my work for the Lord is helping you to help others. It may interest you to know that in recent days, I have added a full alphabetical list of my articles -- with links -- to our home page. To further assist you as you share God's Word with others, you might want to check out the over 240 topical Bible verse groups in the "WordWeaver's KJV Verse Lists" section of our site.

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Guestbook Message 123


Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA
Date: 09.10.2009
Time: 15:13:29

I don't quite know which labyrinth I got lost in that let me out into your garden. All I know is that the wonderful scent coming from your orchard smells like The Truth.

A pilgrim found. thumbup

WordWeaver's Reply Below:

Hello there! My oh my! That has to be the most unusual comments that I have seen posted here in the years that I've been running this guestbook. Thanks for your kind remarks, and thanks for stopping by our web site.

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Guestbook Message 122

Carmen Robles

Location: Holyoke, Mass., USA
Date: 24.09.2009
Time: 10:30:55

biggrin it is a pleasure to read your articles of truth and if its possible can you send me some copys by mail. My laptop is not working properly to send you an email. I would like to make copies and distribute them in this area of holyoke that needs to read and hear the word of truth. My phone #___ ___ ____ thank you so much for the truth it only confirmed to me the truth of the holidays that are coming up and what ive been feeling in not participating in the traditions of this world.

WordWeaver's Reply Below:

Hello Carmen. GBY! Thank-you for your kind words. It encourages me to know that you have been blessed by my work. Regarding sending you copies of some of my articles by regular postal mail, I am sorry to inform you that this won't be possible, being as I do not own a printer. This online ministry is run on a very tight budget, out of my own pocket for the most part.

However, as long as you abide by the stipulations of our copyright statement, you are free to print out the articles yourself, and distribute them to your family, friends and associates. I would also be willing to email some to you in PDF format, as long as you don't request too many. I can send them to you as a zipped archive.

Also, I removed your tel. # from your post in order to protect your privacy.

I will also send a copy of this message to your email address.

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Guestbook Message 121

David C

Date: 03.11.2008
Time: 13:21:38

One point to be made, the decision to invade Iraq was President Bush and his team of neocons. Much evil has been done to the world by this administration and it is repulsive to suggest that this was God's will. Was it God's will that millions die in WW2 or in Rwanda? Of course not. One of the results of the Holocaust was the founding of the state of Israel but that doesn't mean that it was God's will that babies be burned in ovens. Wake up Christians! See this administration for what it is - a power hungry, money grabbing bunch of fools. Judge them by their works!!!

WordWeaver's Reply Below:

David, thanks for your comments. I can meet you halfway on this issue. While many things which occur in the world may not be God's Perfect Will, nevertheless, because He has purposely limited Himself, and bestowed upon us the freedom of personal choice, He does allow things to happen, even evil things. In fact, as I point out in my articles, the Bible even says that God creates evil. In Isaiah, it says "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things."

So why does God permit, and not stop, all of this evil? As I point out in such articles as "Free Will And Personal Choice", it is to expose the evil nature of man, to show the righteousness of God and His Judgments, and to prove that man is not capable of governing himself, and that he needs a Savior.

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Guestbook Message 120


Location: Minnesota, USA
Date: 25.10.2008
Time: 16:05:51

It is with sadness that I see the put down of President Bush like he has made such a bad decision in the war with Iraq.... I think as Christians we need to look at a bigger picture, of did God want us in Iraq for other reasons? Maybe to set up the end time picture in such a way of his choosing involving different countries in the Middle East and planning it all... I don't think we know everything and should be slow to be so critical and let God lead us in his ways... If it was a mistake to go into Iraq, it is too late to change that... If God was setting things up, we will see that for ourselves in due time...
I think it is wiser to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and pray for those who have not come to Christ in these last days and also to reach out and spread the Gospel. Lord come quickly..
Thank you, angela

WordWeaver's Reply Below:

Angela, as can be seen in some of my articles, at one time I entertained the possibility that Saddam Hussein might possibly be the Beast who would lead the Arab/Muslim nations against Israel. Obviously, that can no longer be so, because the man is very dead.

As I point out very clearly in my articles, the United States military is currently embroiled in Iraq, because Bush and his associates intentionally exaggerated the facts, and lied to and deceived the American public. It wasn't just some honest mistake on Bush's part.

The Iraq war is a war based upon falsehood. Bush was most certainly not following God's Divine Counsel when he began that awful, illegal, ill-conceived war, which has cost the lives of many thousands of American and Iraqi citizens, destroyed Iraq's economy, destroyed Iraq's infrastructure, and caused millions more to suffer as a result of the American invasion and ongoing occupation. This was not God's doing. It was man's doing. It was the Bush Administration's doing. They didn't go there to liberate and spread democracy. They went there for the oil and other selfish reasons.

I have a lot more to say on this issue, particularly concerning George W. Bush, but again, you will find it in my articles.

The primary goal of this online ministry is, and always has been, to preach Salvation through Jesus Christ, to those who will hear. However, as with the Bible, there are many other issues which we cover as well, and that includes political developments which may possibly tie into Endtime events.

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Guestbook Message 119

Bob Soderstrom

Location: Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Date: 08.06.2008
Time: 02:17:09

Dear Webmaster,
What a wonderful site. I will be visiting often! People need to know this information, especially those who do not profess Jesus as Lord. I hope you keep up this excellent page for all seekers and baptized believers alike. Great Job! thumbup lamp thumbup

Bob Soderstrom

WordWeaver's Reply Below:

Hi Bob! Thanks for your comments. I am glad that you have been blessed by our site. Please invite your friends. Thanks!

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Guestbook Message 118

Georgia Johnson

Location: United States
Date: 06.06.2008
Time: 04:59:09

I thumbup agree with the statement "these aliens are not what they appear".....they line themselves with activities of evil spirits. I take heed to what the Bible says about not being deceived and to test every spirit.
We are in the last days and these unholy spirits are running out of time. I have had several encounters with all forms and use Jesus' name to rid them from my home and person.
God Bless You and Your Site!

WordWeaver's Reply Below:

Hello Georgia. Thanks for visiting our guestbook. As Jesus and His Apostles warned us, there will be a lot of deception occurring in the Latter Days; that is, in the Endtime, and the alien and UFO's phenomenon is certainly a part of it. I am glad to see that you agree with the position that I have adopted in my articles on this topic. Keep up the good fight of faith!

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