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While evidence seems to indicate that some very large creatures existed upon the Earth at one time, what modern men of science have referred to as dinosaurs, this did not occur millions of years ago. According to the Biblical record, the Earth is only about 6,000 years old; thus, these creatures could not possibly have been created millions of years before God placed mankind upon the Earth. In discussing the mysterious 'behemoth' in the Book of Job, the Lord says in part "Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee..." Job 40:15b, KJV This seems to be an indication that these large creatures were made during the Six Days of Genesis; just like man...and they were not the violent meat-eating monsters dreamed up by the vain imaginations of so-called learned men. According to the Genesis account, all animals before the Flood appear to have been herbivores. These 'dinosaurs', at least the land-dwelling kind, were apparently destroyed during the Flood. This would easily explain the many fossils which have been found in the ancient Flood layers. Please refer to the WordWeaver's articles 'Leviathan: An Ancient Sea Dragon?', 'The Dinosaur Dilemma And Modern Science' and 'Adaptation, EVILution And The Six Days Of Genesis'. Please also use the keywords 'dinosaurs' (plural), 'dragon', 'behemoth', 'darwin' 'leviathan', 'evolution', 'fossil', 'age of the earth' and 'carbon dating' for additional responses.

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