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Ulrich Zwingli, (1484 - 1531), was a Swiss religious Reformer. Like other Reformers which would soon follow after him, such as Luther, Tyndale, Calvin and Knox, Zwingli opposed some of the false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Primary among these false doctrines, besides Salvation through good works, was the blasphemous 'transubstantiation', that is, that the bread and wine used in the eucharist of the Catholic mass actually became the flesh and blood of Christ after the priest pronounced his words over it. Like many non-Catholic Christians today, such as the WordWeaver, Zwingli believed that the Catholic ceremony is only a symbolic commemoration of Christ's death on the Cross. It was never meant to be understood literally, as the Bible soundly condemns the drinking of blood in any form, even if it is the Saviour's; which it isn't.

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