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What happened with the Branch Davidians was a total waste of human life. Their leader, David Koresh, was obviously a misguided man who took this name because, like King Cyrus, or Koresh, of the ancient Medo-Persian empire, who freed the Jews from Babylonian bondage, he too viewed himself as some kind of modern messiah and deliverer. We may never know the true story regarding the U.S. Government's intervention in Waco, Texas. Some people claim that the Branch Davidians took their own lives in order to avoid a painful death by the raging fire, while others claim that the fire was actually a coverup to conceal the mass murder by the forces of the BATF. Not only does the Bible not instruct us to take our own lives under any circumstances, but neither does it tell us to buy, sell, trade, or stock up on weapons as the Branch Davidians are reported to have done. Ours is a spiritual war, and not a physical war. Please read WordWeaver's articles such as 'Heaven's Gate: Suicide, The Right Way To Go?', 'Killing And The Phinehas Priesthood', 'Killing, Murder And Military Duty' and 'The Children of God And Politics'. We have so much to live for. The Lord wants us to survive for as long as possible so that we can continue to be His emissaries to a lost and dying world.

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