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The evil, violent and bloody persecution against the non-conformist Christians during the Middle Ages, referred to as the Inquisition, is truly an ugly stain on the Roman Catholic Church. It is said that not just thousands, but literally millions of people, were hunted down by the inquisitors, interrogated regarding questions of heresy against the Roman Catholic Church, tortured, and threatened with death, often by being burned at the stake, unless they adopted the doctrines and practices of the so-called 'Holy Mother Church'. Many chose death, rather than compromise their Bible-based beliefs, by bowing to the RCC hierarchy. Such was the case with such English Reformers as William Tyndale, John Rogers, and hundreds of others. It is because of these facts, that quite a few of the fifteenth century Reformers believed that Rome was the Babylon the Great Whore of the Book of Revelation, which is filled with the blood of the Saints. This becomes quite evident from reading the marginal notes contained in the 1560 Geneva Bible, particularly in the Book of Revelation. To this day, many Bible students remain convinced that Rome is indeed the mysterious Babylon. For more info on this topic, please download the article 'Revelation's Babylon The Great Whore', as well as the '1599 Original Geneva Bible Notes'.

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