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It is truly unbelievable how many so-called intelligent people in our modern day, have been tricked by scientists, college professors, and grade school teachers, into accepting the silly and satanic THEORY of evolution; or as the WordWeaver prefers to call it, EVILution. As the old song goes, 'Has Charlie, (Darwin), made a monkey out of you?' We certainly hope not! It requires more faith to believe in man's questionable THEORIES, which are constantly changing by the way, than it does to believe in the plain truth of the Word of God. Personally, we prefer to believe in the Word of God. At least God views us as His intelligent creations, and not as descendants of monkeys and amoebas! Please refer to the WordWeaver's articles 'Leviathan: An Ancient Sea Dragon?', 'The Dinosaur Dilemma And Modern Science' and 'Adaptation, EVILution And The Six Days Of Genesis'. Please also use the keywords 'dinosaur' (singular), 'dinosaurs' (plural), 'dragon', 'behemoth', 'darwin', 'leviathan' 'evolution', 'fossil' and 'carbon dating' for additional responses.

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