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The name Babylon, or Babel, is derived from an ancient Hebrew root which means 'confusion'; and refers to the fact that God confused the Babylonians, or babblers, when they sought to build a tower which would reach unto Heaven under the leadership of Nimrod, who founded the original Babylonian empire in the land of Shinar. Today, the worldwide commercial system known as Babylon the Great Whore is also a confusing mass of humanity running to and fro on the Earth as they seek to enrich themselves, and find happiness in their material possessions. As the Book of Revelation explains, the citizens of the Endtime have become drunk on the materialistic offerings of this symbolic whore. For an in-depth look at WordWeaver's current speculations regarding the possible identity of the mysterious city which controls this worldwide economic system of human enslavement, please download the article 'Revelation's Babylon The Great Whore'.

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