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Some people read the Bible for years, and yet never understand it, or at least they understand very little of it. Their minds and hearts are not really in tune to it. Sometimes it requires the help of someone who is older in the Christian faith; however, one should just not rely upon anyone, but rather he should seek out someone who has dedicated many years to the serious study of God's Word, and who shows clear signs of having the wisdom of God's Spirit. Some people have found such help in the writings of the WordWeaver. His articles are not above the Bible, like certain religious organizations which embrace such false practices; they are only a supplement to the Bible. In all of his articles, the WordWeaver uplifts the Lord and His Word continually. He does not try to supplant or replace it, as some modern men of religion do. Only you can determine whether or not the WordWeaver's work is suited for you...but you must at least be willing to give it a chance by reading some of it. You just might be pleasantly surprised. You can't be like the little boy who said 'Momma, I know I don't like peanut butter, because I never had any before!'

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