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The Ark of the Covenant was a gold-covered chest designed by the Children of Israel, under the guidance of Moses, for the purpose of carrying the stone tablets containing the holy commandments received on Mount Sinai, as well as the other Books of the Law, the golden pot of Manna, and Aaron's rod that budded. Its description can be found in Exodus chapter twenty-five. The top of the Ark was adorned with two winged creatures facing each other called cherubims; in the middle of which was the Mercy Seat, where the Lord communed with Moses. Whenever the children of Israel rested from their travels, the Ark was kept in the Holy of Holies of the Tabernacle. The Ark was carried from place to place by two long gold-covered bars which were inserted through rings on both sides of it. We last hear of the Ark in the Scriptures just prior to the Babylonian invasion and Exile. By that time, it had found its resting place in the Holy of Holies of Solomon's temple. What truly happened to the Ark remains a mystery. More than one archaeologist has claimed to have discovered it in recent times. One such man is now-deceased Ron Wyatt. The problem is that these different claims contradict each other. Some say the Ark is in Ethiopia, or hidden under Mount Nebo, or under the Crucifixion site of Christ outside the walls of Jerusalem, or hidden deep within the Temple Mount itself. At any rate, whether these stories are real or fake, the Jews may produce a real, or a counterfeit Ark of the Covenant when they rebuild Solomon's Temple on Mount Moriah, in East Jerusalem, where the Mosque of Omar, and the Dome of the Rock now stand. We may not have long to find out.

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