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While it is difficult for some people, Christians and non-Christians alike, to understand it, the truth of the matter is that the horrific, evil acts committed on Sept. 11, 2001, were in fact permitted by an angry God, who, in His love, is chastising the United States of America, because she has turned her back on Him, and has sinned against Him greatly. Throughout Biblical history, God has done this with His people, in order to shock them, to wake them up, and to get them to repent of their sins. God allows evil men to commit evil acts, in order to serve as His 'vessels of wrath' against His rebellious children. To believe otherwise is to suggest that God is not Sovereign and All-Powerful, and not in control of His creation. Please read WordWeaver's Scripture-filled series 'The Sins Of Disobedience', as well as 'Beholding The Evil And The Good', in order to gain a much deeper understanding of this concept.

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