Endtime Prophecy Net - Women Priests
Do you accept having women in the priesthood?

From Melchizedek to Zechariah, they were ALL men
It was one woman, Eve, which led humankind into sin
Jezebel was an evil false prophetess in Revelation
Paul said that women are to keep silent in the church
That's a tough question. I am undecided.
The modern priesthood is a farse regardless of sex
The Women's Lib movement is ungodly. No to women priests
There is neither male nor female in Christ Jesus
There were no women in the Jewish priesthood
Too many women leaders are destroying the world
Who are we to try to limit what God may want to do?
Who really cares. I don't go to church anyway
Women priests are better than homosexual priests!
Yes. God can equally anoint a woman by His Spirit
My answer is not listed here
I don't know

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