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Do you think the Jews are still God's chosen people?

Actually, the name for Korea is Cho Sen. Get it?
Are you kidding? They spit at the name of Jesus!
Christians and Jews are both God's chosen people
I thought the [insert a race] were a chosen people?
Jesus called them liars, hypocrites, devils & deceivers
No. They have been anti-Christ for 2,000 years now
No. They lost the Kingdom when they rejected Jesus
The Jews have no advantage. They MUST accept Jesus
There is no God so they can't be His chosen people
They killed Jesus. How can the Jews be chosen people?
We are ALL the chosen children of God; not just the Jews
Whether Jew or Gentile, God treats us all the same
Wow! That is just a lot of false Jewish propaganda!
Yes. But God will punish them & then restore them
Yes. God still loves the Jews above every other nation
My answer is not listed here
I don't know

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