Endtime Prophecy Net - Bio-Chip Implants
How do you feel about bio-chip implants?

Bio-chip implants are a step closer to the final 666
Bio-chip implants are evil and satanic
Bio-chip implants will be great for the business world
Bio-chip implants will help the sick and the elderly
Bio-chip implants will protect children from getting lost
Livestock, pets, people . . . What's the difference?
I am too old to worry about it, but what about the kids?
I can't wait to get a bio-chip implant. Life will be easier
Like it or not, we'll all be forced to get one eventually
My pet has got one, so why not me too?
One step closer to being fully bionic -- wonderful!
They are proof that God's Word is true and accurate
They'll have to kill me first before they put one in me
My answer is not listed here
I don't know

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