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Should Christians bear arms in defense of a nation?

'Blessed are the peacemakers', Jesus said. Remember?
All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword
Guns are not evil; but some people who use them are
I am not really sure how to answer this question
If Christians won't defend their nation, they should leave
If God removes His Protection, it must be for a reason
If our enemies mess with us, then they must surely pay!
If we don't defend ourselves from attack, who will?
If we're attacked, it's God punishing us like with Israel
If you don't defend your country, you're just a traitor
It is better to kill a few people, in order to save many
No! It is contrary to Jesus Christ's doctrine of peace
Peace-loving, anti-gun Christians are wimps and communists
What about turning the other cheek? Doesn't that apply?
Yes; Christians have a constitutional obligation
Yes! It is our God-given right to defend ourselves
My answer is not listed here
I don't know

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