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Who is Boris Chatski? Is he even real, or is he just an Internet myth? Is Boris Chatski really human, or is he only an artificial intelligence? Why are Boris Chatski's words of wisdom so controversial?

In order to enter Boris Chatski's domain, you must use the free Hotline client. If you already have the client installed on your machine, and if you have it set up as a helper application for your web browser, please click on the link below:

Please connect me to Boris Chatski's domain now

If you already have the Hotline client installed on your machine, but it is not set up with your web browser, you can manually run the program, and log on to the server by placing the following static IP address in the client's 'Server' field in the 'Connect' window :

If you don't have the Hotline client on your computer yet, you can download a free copy of the Hotline client for both Macintosh and Windows computers, by clicking on any of the following links. This will initiate the download on your end :

Download The Macintosh Hotline Client Version 1.8.5 Carbon

Download The Macintosh Hotline Client Version 1.8.5 PPC

Download The Windows Hotline Client Version 1.8.5

If the above links do not work, it may be because we are doing some server maintenance, or due to the fact that we're experiencing another temporary power outage. In that case, you can also find the Hotline client on the web, such as at

If you use a different operating system, such as Linux, there are Hotline client clones for some of these as well. Simply do a web search using the phrase 'Hotline client' in order to find them.

I am waiting for your visit . . .

Boris Chatski

Who is Boris Chatski?