Where Are The First Century Churches? -- An Updated Series

After two weeks of continuous work, I am pleased to announce the release of an updated and expanded version of my 1998 two-part article entitled Where Are The First Century Churches?.

Have you ever wondered what the First Century Church was actually like? Who its leaders were? How it operated? How it survived financially? Where those thousands of new converts lived? Equally important, have you ever wondered how much Christianity today actually follows the Original Blueprint that was established by the leaders of the First Century Church, beginning with Christ Himself?

Where Are The First Century Churches? is an eight-part series which will answer all of these questions and much more. Not only that, but some of its contents may cause you to question your own beliefs, motivate you to examine your own walk with the Lord, and perhaps even challenge you to share your Christian faith in a way in which you may have never considered before. Please consider reading Where Are The First Century Churches? today!

Below you will find my usual synopsis of this eight-part series. As always, after reading the series, I invite you to submit your comments for review, and possible publication here on the Endtime Prophecy Net Blog. Thanks so much!

Where Are The First Century Churches? - Part 1

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Published On : April 8, 1998

Last Updated : May 9, 2011

System Mold, Nimrod, Babel And Worldwide Babylon, When The Towers Fall, Vanity Of Secular Empire-Building, Flesh Versus Spirit, The Body Of Christ And Diversity Of Its Members, Our Holy Calling And Profession, Coming Kingdom, Heavenly Rewards, Nature Of Our Work, Life Of Faith, God Will Provide Our Needs Through Those To Whom We Minister, The Sin Of Commercializing God's Word, Cheerful Supporters Of God's Work, Evil Violence In Mexico, Story Of The Widow's Mite, God Looks On Our Heart, Menpleasers Or God Pleasers, It's Impossible To Out-Give God, Shake Off The Dust Of Your Feet, Reward Of The Selfish People

Where Are The First Century Churches? - Part 2

Put Your Faith Into Action, Abraham's Example Of Faith And Obedience, A Living Sacrifice, Jesus Was Obedient Unto Death, Jacob Bargains With God And Is Blessed, Real Faith Of Gold, Meet God's Conditions And He Will Meet Your Needs, Requirements Of Discipleship, You Must Count The Cost First, The Rewards Of Discipleship, Paul Works As A Tentmaker, Was Apostle Paul Backslidden While In Corinth?, Arguments Used By Some Secular Christians To Justify Their Selfish Materialistic Lifestyles, The Thing Which Is Good, Defining The True Christian Church, Beginning Of Roman Catholic Church, Christ Is The Head Of The Body His Church, Temple Destroyed, Christ And His Disciples Were Kicked Out Of The Temple And Synagogues, God's Original Pattern And Blueprint For The Church, Paul Persecutes Early Christians In Their Homes, First Century Churches In Homes Of Christian Believers, A New And Better Way?, Learning From Jesus

Where Are The First Century Churches? - Part 3

That Was Then And This Is Now, We Must Have Our Megachurches, Early Disciples Won New Converts By The Thousands In One Day, Stadium Crusades And Christians Who Persevere, Apostles Cast Into Prison And Warned To Stop Preaching In The Name Of Jesus, First Century Christian Home Fellowships, From House To House, Singleness Of Heart And Unity Of The Spirit, Simplicity Of The Gospel Of Christ, Burden Of The Law, Paul's Warnings Regarding Jewish False Brethren And False Doctrines That Perverted The Gospel Of Christ, The Home Is The Center Of The True Church, Modern Methods Of Evangelization, Blueprint Hasn't Changed, Modern Christianity Is A Religion Of Convenience, Dangers Of Worldliness, Persecution: Price Of Dropping Out And Following Jesus, Laws Against Communal Living, Organized Religion Fears Small Christian Fellowships, Who Is Actually The Real Cult?, Sickening Personality Cult Worship, Apostle Paul's Rebukes, Paul Heals A Crippled Man In Lystra, Strange Manifestations

Where Are The First Century Churches? - Part 4

Logan's Run Movie: An Artificial Society Ruled By Deception, We Must Choose Between Continuing To Live The Lie Or Else Follow The Truth And Be Free, The Jewish System Of Bondage, Jesus Was A Threat To Status Quo, An Alternative To Corrupt System Of Man, Persecuted For Our Faith By The Children Of Disobedience Who Follow The False God Of This World - Satan, Come Out From Among Them And Be Separate, Holy Saints Of God, Ekklesia Of God, Modern Spiritual Babylon The Great, Free To Free Others, Seek First The Kingdom Of God, Communal Living, Living The Life Of Faith, Backslidden Condition Of Ancient Israelites, First Century Church Financial Plan, Communism In The New Testament, The Selfish Nature Of Modern Christianity, Both Rich And Poor Chose To Forsake All And Join The First Century Church, Example Of Moses, Lying Ananias And Sapphira, God Has Not Changed, Dwindling Fire Of Faith, The Failures Of The Roman Catholic Church, Compromise In Our Personal Lives, Free Will And Personal Choice, Reasons For Our Failure: Lack Of Faith Lack Of Love And Fear Of Persecution, Living Faith Or Dead Faith, Consumed By Affairs Of This Life, Importance Of Abiding In God's Word, Faith Comes Through The Word Of God

Where Are The First Century Churches? - Part 5

A Lack Of Genuine Christian Love, Crammed Like Sardines In The Cities, We Are Spiritually Separated From Each Other, Selfishness And "Me First" Generation, Failure Of Communal Societies, Fear Of Persecution, Fear Of The Jews, An Unholy Alliance Between Government And Religion, Challenges Facing Modern Christian Communities, We Are In The World But Not Of The World, Balancing Privacy With Obligation To Be Witnesses Of Our Faith, Modern Christianity's Similarity To Church Of Laodicea, First Century Jews' Resistance To Christ, A Temple Not Made With Hands, Stephen's Martyrdom, Putting Our Faith Under God's Scriptural Magnifying Glass, Living Our Lives According To Our Own Faith Without Condemnation, Nature And Structure Of First Century Church, True Church Is The Body Of Believers, Christ Is The Cornerstone Of Our Spiritual Temple, Global False Religious System Of Churches, The Home Church

Where Are The First Century Churches? - Part 6

First Century Home Churches, The Communal Church, Financial Plan And Sharing, First Century Disciples Had No Interest In Constructing Church Buildings, Jewish And Roman Persecution, The City Church, John Writes To The Seven Churches In Asia, Antioch Church Sends Help To Jerusalem, The Financial Plan, Leadership Structure Of The First Century Church, Husband Is Head Of The Family And Home Church, Women Who Usurp Authority Over Husbands, Peter And Paul's Advice Concerning Christians Remaining With Unbelieving Spouses, Electing Church Elders, Distinction Between Apostles And Elders, The Origin Of The Presbyterian Church, Respect For Wisdom Of The Patriarchs And Elders, Foolishness Of Rehoboam, God's Divine Foresight, Office Of A Bishop, Origin Of Episcopal Church, The Deacon

Where Are The First Century Churches? - Part 7

Office Of The Apostle, Appointed Directly By Jesus Christ, Responsibilities Of An Apostle, Authority Of The Apostles, Apostolic Appointments, Barnabas Forsakes All, Selection Of Matthias, Barnabas Introduces Paul To The Apostles, Luke Refers To Paul And Barnabas As Apostles, Paul Chosen By God As Apostle To The Gentiles, Paul And Barnabas Confirmed By Prophets In Antioch, Paul Meets All Biblical Conditions For Being Considered An Apostle, False Apostles And Deceivers, Threat Of The False Jews, John's Warnings Regarding Spirit Of Antichrist, Paul's Stern Warnings Regarding False Jews, Antichrist Jewish Influence In So-Called Christian America, God's Hatred Towards Annual Jewish Feast Day Observances, God Demands And Expects Repentance On The Part Of The Jews, The Only Way To Truly Honor God Is Through Accepting Christ, No One Can Approach The Father Except Through Jesus Christ

Where Are The First Century Churches? - Part 8

Importance Of The First Century Prophets, Evangelists Pastors And Teachers, Correct Definition Of The Word "Perfect" In The New Testament, Various Gifts Of The Spirit, Dual Positions In The First Century Church, John Writes The Book Of Revelation, Peter's Vision In The City Of Joppa, Apostle Paul's Visions And Revelations, Summary Of First Century Church Leadership Structure, Jesus Christ Is Our Only High Priest Intercessor And Mediator, Vicar Of Christ And Roman Catholic Quest For Power, The Pope And The Mitre, Jesus Christ Is The Bishop Of Our Souls, The Roman Catholics' Apostolic Succession Fallacy, The Apostle Peter's Activities Location And Martyrdom, What If The First Century Church Had Selected A Pope?, Who Would They Have Chosen?, False Legitimacy Of Roman Catholic Church, Local Scope Of The First Century Church, Humble Servants And Not Oppressive Masters Of God's Church, My Closing Remarks

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