To Tell The Truth : Moshiach, Mahdi Or The Messiah?

At this very moment, as the years of the Endtime wind down, an intense war is being waged in the troubled lands of the Middle East. This war is not being fought with tanks, jets, drones, laser-guided missiles, WMD, guns or any other physical weapon that has been devised by man. It is in fact an invisible, psychological war that is being waged in the minds and hearts of men.

The participants in this war are the three major monotheistic religions of the world: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. At the head of each of these three religions is a great leader. The followers of each of these three men are convinced that their leader will appear on the Earth in the near future. These three are Moshiach ben David, Jesus Christ and Muhammad al-Mahdi.

It is claimed by the followers of each of these three religions, that upon his arrival, their leader will rid the world of oppression, injustice and tyranny, and establish a global empire of righteousness, justice and peace, according to the mandates of his specific religion.

"To Tell The Truth : Moshiach, Mahdi Or The Messiah?" is a new two-part article which examines and compares Endtime eschatological beliefs between Christianity, Judaism and Islam, focusing on the expectations that the followers of each of these three groups have for their leaders: Moshiach ben David, Muhammad al-Mahdi and Jesus Christ the Messiah.

The question is: Are all three of these men who they say they are, or is one telling the truth, while the other two are impostors? Can there really be three simultaneous messiahs, or only one? Will one of these three religions dominate the other two, or will an ecumenical spirit prevail, resulting in peaceful coexistence between the three?

For answers to these and other questions, please consider reading "To Tell The Truth : Moshiach, Mahdi Or The Messiah?". Below you will find a synopsis of the two-part article.

To Tell The Truth : Moshiach, Mahdi Or The Messiah? - Pt. 1

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Published On : January 20, 2011

Last Updated : January 20, 2011

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To Tell The Truth : Moshiach, Mahdi Or The Messiah? - Pt. 2

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