Courts Favor Lesbian Over Christian Biological Mother

I was just reading an article in the New York Times entitled "Pastor Is Accused of Helping to Kidnap Girl at Center of Lesbian Custody Fight". It concerns a former lesbian "civil union" in which a daughter was born via artificial insemination. The "couple" eventually split up, and the biological mother was given primary legal custody of the child, with the other woman having visiting rights.

However, what happened next is where the story really becomes complicated. The mother came to Christ and forsook her lesbian lifestyle. Furthermore, she refused to allow her former "mate" to see the girl, because she was concerned about the ungodly negative influence that her former lesbian lover might have on the girl. Eventually, with help from some conservative Christians, the mother and daughter allegedly fled to Nicaragua, after the courts reversed the order, and gave the other lesbian woman primary custody of the girl.

In short, the courts are now siding with an unrepentant lesbian, instead of with the girl's former-lesbian, biological mother, who has embraced the Christian faith, and forsaken her former sinful ways.

Do we need any more clearer proof that the courts are slowly being dominated by a liberal spirit?

I suspect that -- assuming there is enough time -- within one more generation, the USA -- as with most of the world -- will be totally liberal in nature, because it will be run by our increasingly liberal children.

How much longer will God put up with this foolishness?

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