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Hello everyone.  Well, what can I say? After running our Endtime Prophecy Net Messageboard since August of 2005, and receiving very limited traffic on it, I have decided to take another technological leap with our online ministry by adding a blog to it. Rather than use a blog service, I have installed the weblog engine on our Endtime Prophecy Net web server, which obviously has its advantages. According to the WordPress folks, adding a blog to our site is supposed to increase traffic to our Endtime Prophecy Net website. Well, I am going to put their words to the test, and we shall see. We already have a Google PageRank of four, and our Alexa traffic rank currently stands at 1,470,653. Before I started to heavily promote our site this past September, our Alexa traffic rank was around 4,500,00, so we have already seen a vast improvement since that time. We shall see how much this blog increases our Google PageRank, as well as our Alexa traffic rank.

Concerning the contents of this blog, it will more than likely contain the same comments that I have been posting on our EDGE — Endtime Discussion Group Exchange — Mailing List for the past 13+ years, as well as on our Endtime Prophecy Net Messageboard for the past 5+ years. This will include comments concerning recent news items,  Endtime Prophecy Net new article release announcements, KJV Bible verse lists, and other information of interest to Christians which I normally publish in the aforementioned mediums.

Please be patient with me as I explore this new blog medium — at least new for me — and learn its ins and outs. This is unfamiliar territory to me. Thanks! I hope that you will be inspired by, blessed by and informed by the material that I choose to post here.

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