Churches, Christian Fellowships and Cults

It's time for one of those soul-searching questions that some people don't like to ask -- or answer -- because it makes them feel a bit uncomfortable.

So here we go . . .

Why is it, that if a small group of dedicated Christians get together in the privacy of a fellow Christian's home in order to engage in Christian fellowship, perhaps participate in a Bible study, and share a potluck dinner, they are viewed with suspicion, perhaps suspected of being a danger to society, and maybe even accused of being a strange cult; yet if those very same people attend a church service where there is also Christian fellowship, a Bible study before mass, and perhaps an after-service potluck or snacks as well, they are viewed as respectable members of society?

Let's be honest here, shall we? The way that certain church members blindly follow the teachings and doctrines of their pastors, priests, ministers, bishops, archbishops -- and yes, even the Pope in Rome -- one would almost think that they are cult leaders. They certainly have their congregations believing just as they believe themselves.

So who is the real danger here? Which is the real cult? Or is there really no distinction between the two? Is it even possible that persecution against private Christian fellowships is at least partly inspired by, promoted by and supported by the "respected denominations"?

What do you think?

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