Goodbye ShareThis and Hello Sharedaddy!

Hello everyone. As you may have noticed, today I spent some time making some additional graphical -- and other -- changes to the Endtime Prophecy Net blog.

The most noticeable change is that you will now find a much larger variety of sharing buttons under each individual blog entry. The reason for this is that I have switched to using a different WordPress plug-in called Sharedaddy.

Up until today, I was using the ShareThis plug-in with WordPress 3.1.1. However, a few days ago ShareThis stopped working for some reason which still remains unknown to me. So, after sending off an email to the developers of the ShareThis WordPress plug-in, I decided to search for a replacement plug-in. So much for my shining example of patience.  :)

At any rate, that is when I discovered the Sharedaddy WordPress plug-in. To say the least, Sharedaddy is much easier to configure than ShareThis, particularly when it comes to adding new services that are not included in the default set of buttons. All that a WordPress blog owner has to do is add the service name, the URL to the service, and a URL for the service icon, and he is set. Furthermore, the parameters for each service can easily be edited via a pull-down menu.

I wasn't happy with the way that the buttons were being displayed under each post, so after snooping around in the plug-in's CSS file, I was able to add a nice div box with a drop shadow, as well as line up all of the buttons in neat columns. It now looks rather nice.

If a WordPress blog owner wants even more control over the Sharedaddy WordPress plug-in, he can also download Stas Suscov's "Sharedaddy More Control" WordPress plug-in from the WordPress plug-ins website. This plug-in adds a few more configuration parameters to Sharedaddy.

Anyway, I really like this plug-in, and I think that you will too. Not only can you now email a blog entry to a friend, or print out a copy for your own personal use, but you can now share my blog entries with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace and Blogger, along with fifteen other social networks as well, so have fun! Oh, and by the way, if by some odd chance there is a social network that you personally use on a regular basis which is not included in the button table below, please let me know, and I will try to add it if it is a popular social network. Just click on the comment button to add your thoughts. Thanks!

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