Churchianity Or Christianity: Which Do You Practice? - Updated, Expanded Series

I am happy to announce the release of an updated and expanded version of my April 2000 article entitled "Churchianity Or Christianity : Which Do You Practice?" This new expanded version of the article contains three parts, and includes new commentary and verse references, better formatting, as well as a series graphical header, which I began adding to my articles and series in January of this current year. You can access the series from the Endtime Prophecy Net home page, or simply by double-clicking the URL below:

As is my customary practice, below you will find a synopsis of each of the three parts. As always, feel free to post your reactions to this series on my Facebook page, on our Endtime Prophecy Net Blog, on our Endtime Prophecy Net Messageboard, or on the Endtime Discussion Group Exchange -- EDGE -- Mailing List.

Thanks, and may you be blessed, spiritually nourished and encouraged by this series. Take up the challenge!


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Published On : April 2, 2000

Last Updated : March 29, 2011

Why I Dropped Out Of Organized Religion, Spiritual Babes Or Mature Leaders, Nature Of True Church, Our Body Is A Living Temple, Christ Within Us, The Cause Of Stephen's Martyrdom, Destruction Of The Temple, Christ The True Rock, Worship In The Spirit, Being Led By The Spirit, God's Word Or Traditions Of Men, Freed By Spirit Of Truth, Finding God's Will Through Total Submission, Stand Upon Your Convictions, Fellowship And Church In The Home, Mega-Churches, Congregations Of Strangers, Going To Church For The Wrong Reasons, Shallow After-Church Chat, Cold Handshakes And Pats On The Back, Brotherly Love


Cold Handshakes And Pats On The Back, Love Of Many Shall Wax Cold, Home Fellowships & Kindred Spirits, Lack Of Fellowship And Condemnation, Greedy Shepherds, Filthy Lucre And Fleecing God's Sheep, A Life Blessed Of The Lord, Survival Outside Of The Church System, God's Loners And Persecution Of The Lord's Servants, Testimony Of The Apostle Paul, The Threat Of Home Fellowships, Methods That Religionists Use To Stamp Out Home Fellowships, Jewish Persecution Of Early Christian Church, The Whorish Marriage Of Churchianity And The Worldly System, God Will Teach You And Empower You, Paul's View Of His Former Life As A Pharisee, Trust The Lord And Start Out Small, God Is Not Impressed With Numbers, Mega-Churches vs Small, Home Fellowships, Freely Use Study Materials Available On Our Web Site, Rivers Of Living Water, Look To God's Word And Divine Inspiration, Importance Of Spiritual And Physical Unity In Marriage Relationships, Women Should Submit To Their Husbands


Wives Are To Submit To Their Husbands, Honoring A Husband's Decisions, When Christian Couples Aren't In Agreement, Faith Patience And Trusting In The Lord While Awaiting The Outcome, Solution Is In United Prayer And Finding God's Highest Will Together, Test Of Love, Faith, Patience Respect And Humility, Verses Regarding Trusting The Lord, Accepting The Challenge Of Home Fellowships, Churchianity vs Christianity, Essence Of Being A True Christian, First Century Evangelists, Poultry Farms Chickens And Christians, The Church Is Bride Of Christ, We Are Branches On The Lord's Vine, Bearing Spiritual Fruit, When We Fail To Bear Fruit, Parallel Between Physical Sexual Union And Spiritual Unity With Christ, Take Up The Challenge

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