South Dakota Governor Signs Restrictive Anti-Abortion Law

As you may have heard, on Tuesday, March 22nd, South Dakota Governor, Dennis Daugaard, signed into law a bill which places additional roadblocks in front of women who wish to obtain an abortion in that state.

Among other things, this new law stipulates that after her initial visit to one of the state's abortion providers, a woman must wait for a period of seventy-two hours, during which time she is also required to attend a consultation at one of the state's "pregnancy help centers" where she will receive counseling -- which may be secular or religious in nature -- concerning the full range of assistance and options which are available to her, as well as the risks that are associated with having an abortion.

The law -- which takes effect July 1st -- also stipulates that in order to qualify as a counselor at one of the help centers, a person must be opposed to abortion. While the new anti-abortion law makes exceptions for medical emergencies, instances of rape and incest are not exempted.

As was to be expected, the minute that Governor Daugaard signed the bill into law, abortion supporters -- such as Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union -- immediately announced that they would challenge the law in court, and attempt to have it struck down as being unconstitutional.

While I am not familiar with Governor Daugaard's personal politics, I must applaud him for being willing to take this bold step to protect the lives of the unborn innocent. Let's hope and pray that similar laws which are also winding their way through other state legislatures will meet with similar success. Most importantly, let's hope that this new 72-hour waiting period and mandatory counseling will result in more women making a godly choice, by choosing to keep their unborn children.

For a detailed look at this issue, please consider reading my eight-part series, "Abortion: Slaughter of the Innocent".

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