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I am happy to announce that another new feature has just been added to our website -- the Endtime Prophecy Net Christian Plugboard.

What is a plugboard and how do plugboards work?

For those of you who are not familiar with plugboards -- I wasn't until a few days ago -- a plugboard is somewhat similar to a topsites list, in that it is a table of buttons or banners which advertises other websites. It can consist of a single horizontal or vertical row which contains as few as ten buttons, or it can consist of dozens of rows of buttons.

One of the big differences between a topsites list and a plugboard is that while topsites member sites are more or less permanent, and merely rise or fall on the topsites list, depending on how many votes or pageviews they receive, on a plugboard, member sites are temporary and work on a rotating basis.

In other words, as each new member adds their button to the plugboard, all of the older buttons are moved down one slot in the table or row. Over time, each button will eventually reach the very last slot on the plugboard. The button that is located at the very end of the last row in the plugboard will get knocked off of the table whenever a new button is added to the first slot on the table. Depending on how many buttons the admin allows on his plugboard, a member site can remain on the plugboard as little as a few hours, or as long as days, weeks or even months if it is a low-traffic plugboard.

The good news is that once a site's button is knocked off of the plugboard, the site owner is welcome to add it again, which means that their button will once again occupy the number one slot on the plugboard, until newer additions begin to push it down again . . . and on and on it goes. So it is important to keep track of where your button is located, so that you can add it again as soon as it disappears from the table.

Please note that it is a cardinal rule of most plugboards that a site owner is not allowed to add their button again until it has been knocked off of the table. In fact, most  plugboards will prevent you from adding a button for the same URL more than once.

That is basically how plugboards work.

So, if you operate a personal, non-denominational, non-commercial Christian website, please consider adding your website to the Endtime Prophecy Net Christian Plugboard.

Please note that this is an experimental project. If we receive a regular flow of member sites, and no one tries to abuse or game the system, I will keep our plugboard active.

Please also don't forget that we operate a topsites list as well; that is, Top Christian Sites. To go there, simply click on the "TCS" button that is located in the button palette near the top of the sidebar on the right side of this same page.


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