Article Update – The Battle Is Not Yours Alone!

I am happy to announce the release of a major update to my June 1998 article entitled “The Battle Is Not Yours Alone!”. This article has now been greatly expanded into a four-part series, and includes a lot of new commentary, many new Bible verses and more. If you have been a victim of spiritual attack in your Christian life, or know someone who has been, this series may help you greatly; and even if you haven’t been, it still contains a lot of useful and inspiring information and tips. To read this series, please go to the following URL:

Below is my usual synopsis of the four-part series.


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Published On : June 21, 1998

Last Updated : March 11, 2011

Demonic Attacks Within USA, Replacing Our Christian Faith With False Belief Systems, Spiritual Vacuum And Inviting The Devil To Take A Seat, Spiritual Warfare Is Real, Leadership Attacked First, Propaganda Tools Used To Destroy One’s Enemy, Jesus Is The Head Of The Church, The Weaknesses Of Organized Religion, The Roman Catholic Church’s Claim Of Superiority, Unbiblical Doctrines Of The Cults, Are Some Churches Cults?, The Danger Of Placing Our Faith In Man Instead Of In God And His Word, Scandal-Ridden Modern Christianity, Offend One Of These Little Ones, Enter Heaven Maimed?, An Eye For An Eye?, Love Repentance And Forgiveness, Man Worship, Doctrines Of Men, Confirm Doctrines By Scriptures, Preach Jesus Only And Not Ourselves, False Brethren Teaching False Doctrine, God Is Our Refuge And Fortress, God’s Mercy And Protection, King David Acknowledges God As His Only Protector, Satan Is The Fowler, Father Of Lies, Children Of The Devil, Like Father Like Son Unbelieving Jews Attempt To Catch Jesus, Satan Sifts Peter


Satan Cast Into The Lake Of Fire, Satan’s Army Of Children Of Darkness, Vast Web Of Deception, Fishers Of Men For The Lord, Children of Light And Our Great Commission, The Battle In Our Minds, Fainting In Our Minds, Persecution Of Early Christians By Mad Emperor Nero Caesar, Renewed With The Mind Of Christ, Cleansed And Strengthened By The Word, “Old Man” vs “New Man”, Our Sinful Flesh, The Apostle Paul’s Battles, Desperate Prayer, Dwelling In The Word, Confessing Our Sins, When God Removes His Protection, God’s Loving Chastisements, When The Enemy Come In Like A Flood, Standard Of God’s Word, Foolish Time Wasters And Distractions, Redeeming The Time, Satan’s Subtle Intoxication, Carbon Monoxide Lulls You To Sleep And You’re Dead, Comatose Unbelieving Jews, Endtime Scoffers Ask “Where Is The Promise Of His Coming?”, Put On The Helmet Of Salvation, The Lord Knoweth Them That Are His


Demonic Attacks Within Our Christian Fellowships, Satan’s Freedom Within The Circle Of The Twelve, Judas’s Possession And Betrayal, Peter’s Mindless Blunder And Rebuke, Jewish Concept Of The Messiah, A Kingdom Not Of This World, Peter And The Sword in Gethsemane, Universal Messiah vs A Jewish Messiah, Moshiach ben David, Saved Christians Can Become Satan’s Tools, The Danger Of Unyielded Areas In Our Lives, Sowing Discord Among Brethren, False Jewish Brethren And Grievous Wolves, Satan’s All-Out War Against God’s Children, Steps For Obtaining A Victory, Demonstrate True Repentance, Goats And Yabbuts, Be Desperate Before The Lord, Psalm 51, Break Down The Wall Of Pride, Total Humility And Submission, Parable Of The Unclean Spirits, Suit Up In Your Armor And Then Stand Firm, When The Lord Seems To Have Abandoned Us, Removal Of God’s Spirit, God Is Married To The Backslider, His Yoke Is Easy, Psalm 23, Heavenly Host, A Great Cloud Of Witnesses, Forsake All, Run The Race With Patience, Don’t Live In The Past, Cherubims Seraphims Angels Heavenly Host, Roman Historian Publius Tacitus’s Account Of Heavenly Host


Roman Historian Publius Tacitus, The Heavenly Host Engage In Battle In The Skies Over Jerusalem, Jesus Comes In Great Power And Glory With The Angels And The Heavenly Host, Our Light Affliction, Our Resurrected Bodies, Satan’s Defeat Two Thousand Years Ago, Satan Cast Out Of Heaven, His Final Fate In The Lake Of Fire, Go On The Offense And Fight The Battle!

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