New Series - Age Of Deception, Age Of Delusion

I am happy to announce the release of a major update and expansion of my 1997 article entitled "Age Of Deception, Age Of Delusion". The new version is a four-part series which, like the original version, examines the deception and strong delusion which has pervaded our modern society as a result of the creeping influences of the New Age Movement, Eastern Religions, the alien and UFO culture, and other powerful forces.

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Below you will find my usual synopsis of the four-part series. After reading the series, if you care to make any comments concerning it, please consider posting here on our Endtime Prophecy Net Blog, or else please visit our Endtime Prophecy Net Messageboard at the following URL, and submit your comment under the "EPN Article Reactions" forum:


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Published On : April 23, 1997

Last Updated : January 10, 2011

The Year 2000 Hype, Aliens, Spirit Helpers, Channelers And Esoteric Knowledge, Propagation Of New Age Thought, Sheldon Nidle, UFO Mass Landings, Photon Belt, The Ascension Point, False Prophets And Charlatans Exposed By Time, The 2012 Hype, Stanley A. Fulham And The Transcendors, Weeds And Parable Of Wheat And Tares, Measuring Rod Of God's Word, Strong Delusion, Beware Of Time-Based Predictions, Verify The Reliability Of Source Information, Failed Predictions Weaken Faith In God's Word, Endtime Scoffers And Christ's Return, Satan's Scheme To Discredit True Prophets Of God, True Faith Does Not Require Evidence Signs Or Miracles, Endtime Apostasy, Mary Apparition In Wisconsin, Decline Of Roman Catholicism And Mary Worship, Evil Generation Seeks A Sign, Jewish Elders Demanded A Sign, Jewish Religious Elders Concealed Evidence Of Resurrection


Would Seeing Jesus In The Flesh Really Convince Unbelievers? Without Faith It Is Impossible To Please God, Strong Delusion And Deception, Signs And Lying Wonders, God's Coming Wrath On The World, False Teachers And Spiritual Gurus, Itching Ears To Hear A New Thing, Rejecting Truth Of God's Word Results In Strong Delusion, Jesus Is Our Only Mediator And The Only Way To Salvation, Modern Thieves And Robbers Who Steal God's Sheep, We Forsake God's Mercy When We Listen To The Devil's Lies, Satanic Spiritual Onslaught Abounds Everywhere, Satan - The Father Of Lies And Deception, Knowledge Of God's Word Is Our Only Protection From Deception, Cast Off Works Of Darkness, Nidle's Mass UFO Landings And "Invasions" From Outer Space, Satan's Fall And Rise Of The Beast, Prophecy Of Psalm Two, The Globalist Agenda, Antichrist, Beast And The False Prophet, Third Jewish Temple And Daily Sacrifice, The Jewish Messiah, Destruction Of Babylon The Great, Antichrist Declares Himself God, Signs And Lying Wonders, 666 Mark Of The Beast System, Satan's Desire To Usurp Throne Of God, Satan's War Against God, This World Is Satan's Domain, Satan Cast Out Of Heaven


Battle Of Armageddon, The Beast's Armies Are Destroyed, Beast And False Prophet Are Cast Into Lake Of Fire, Will Deception Delusion, Fear Tactics And Intimidation Be Used To Convince The World That Christ's Return Is A Hostile Alien Invasion?, Satan The Dominator And Subjugator vs. Christ The Liberator, Is There An Evil Conspiracy For Globalist World Domination?, Satan's New World Order And Global Governance, Major Players: International Bankers, World Economic Forum, The World Bank, World Trade Organization And The International Monetary Fund, Global Mark Of The Beast Credit System, To Control The Purse Is To Control A Country, Manipulators Of The Global Economy, War Against Terrorism: Tool To Gain Tighter Economic Control Of The World?, Global Economic Power In The Hands Of One Man, Mark Of The Beast Technology Is Already In Existence Today, The Precise Timing Of These Events And Jesus Christ's Return, Watching For The Fulfillment Of Prophetic Signs And Events, Keep Your Eyes On Israel And Developments In The Middle East, There Will Be Glorious Light At The End Of The Dark Tunnel, Christ's Kingdom Established On The Earth During Millennium, God's Righteous Judgments, People Of The Earth Blaspheme God, The Unrepentant Incorrigibles Are Cast Into The Lake Of Fire, Observing Lying Vanities, Atheist Ads On Public Bus System, Series Regarding Rapture, Voices Of Protest Will Be Silenced, Persecuted For Our Faith, The Steady Advance Of Liberalism, Misguided Man-Made Laws And The Deception Of New Age Thought, New Age Utopian Ideas Contradict The Biblical Description Of Coming Events On The Earth, Space Brothers, The Photon Belt, Ascension And Mass UFO Landings Fallacies, Aliens Or Demons?, Mark Of A True Prophet Of God Is Fulfilled Prophecy, False Prophecies Within New Age Movement And Christianity, Jesus's Warning Regarding False Prophets, Becoming Satan's Channels


Our Current Age Of Deception And Delusion, Doctrines Of Devils And Evil Men And Seducers, The Photon Belt Fantasy, The Space Brothers From Hell, If A Mass UFO Landing Were To Occur, Run The Other Way, The False Angel Of Light, Lights In The Sky, War In Heaven And Satan Is Cast Out, Blind Leading The Blind, Test The Spirits, New Age Deception Regarding Reincarnation, Alien-Human Hybrids And Great White Brotherhood Deceptions, Jesus' Name Is Highly Exalted Above Every Name, Light And Truth Of God's Word, Jesus Is The Only Light Of The World, Global Spiritual Confusion Results From Many False Prophets, Gurus, Spiritual Teachers, Psychics, Channelers, Holy Men, New Age Advocates And Eastern Religions, Bible Teaches God Is Not The Author Of Confusion And Will Not Contradict Himself, One God, One Voice Of God, One Word Of God, And One Truth, We Are Unified By One Truth And Not By Many Versions Of The Truth, Satan's Tactic Of Mixing Tares With The Wheat To Confuse And To Divide, Are We Looking Unto Jesus Or Looking Unto Self?, Jesus Is The Way The Truth And The Life And Light Of The World, Accept Jesus Today, Jesus Wants To Forgive You, To Cure You, And To Set You Free From Your Delusion And Spiritual Bondage, The Apostle Paul's Physical And Spiritual Vision Is Restored

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