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I am happy to announce that thanks to a dear friend and ministry supporter, the SEO Smart Links WordPress plug-in is now installed on the Endtime Prophecy Net Blog. For those of you who are not familiar with this WordPress plug-in, what it does is automatically scan each  post and page, select keywords, and then link those keywords to other entries on the Endtime Prophecy Net Blog where those same keywords are found.

Not only will the SEO Smart Links plug-in allow our blog visitors to dig deeper into our site and find related posts -- similar to the "Related Posts" links that are found below each blog entry -- but it will also help search engine bots to better spider our blog site as well. As I continue to add more blog entries over time, each smart link will become even more meaningful, as it will provide more results. I hope that you all enjoy this new feature.

Thanks again to the unnamed friend who made this possible. You are a blessing to us!

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