Mrs. Nyirahabiyambere and State-Enforced Euthanasia

I was just reading an article in the New York Times entitled "Immigrant's Health Crisis Leaves Her Family on Sideline". It concerns the story of a 58-year-old Rwanda immigrant by the name of Rachel Nyirahabiyambere.

In April of 2010, Mrs. Nyirahabiyambere, who worked for almost three decades as a school teacher in Rwanda, survived the civil war violence there with her family for many years, and ultimately arrived in the USA in 2008, sponsored by two of her already-naturalized sons for legal permanent residency, suffered a massive stroke. Since that time, media reports state that she has been in a persistent vegetative state with no hope of recovery, receiving nutrition via a feeding tube.

Does anyone remember Terry Schiavo?

Two weeks ago, on February 19th, Mrs. Nyirahabiyambere's feeding tube was removed on the order of her court-appointed guardian, Andrea J. Sloan. As strongly opposed as her family has been to this despicable action, they have been powerless to prevent it. They have no rights in this case. Mrs. Nyirahabiyambere has been slowly starving to death for two full weeks now. Where is the human compassion in this action?

What a sad, tragic story. State-enforced euthanasia has reared its ugly head once again.

Georgetown University Medical Center, the Virginia courts, Andrea J. Sloan, and anyone else who has backed the decision to terminate this woman's life through slow starvation, can say what they like, and try to disguise the truth through all of their legal jargon, but the bottom line is that this action amounts to nothing less than state-sanctioned murder.

It is truly tragic that in this modern age of greed, the value of a person's life is based solely on the dollar sign and profit margins. God, how I hate it!

Ms. Sloan comes across as a cold-hearted, blood-sucking corporate vampire. Her legal opinions and sly statements won't stand before God. She needs to ask God to give her real love and compassion, instead of just the cold, hard mandates of the law!

I would have to agree with the two sons. This is happening to this woman because she is an immigrant, a minority and defenseless. To think that she endured the violence of civil war in her own country, only to have her life taken from her in such a disgraceful manner enrages me!

If Mrs. Nyirahabiyambere was related to a powerful politician, or to a famous celebrity, would this still be happening to her? I seriously doubt it!

They were hoping to cruelly starve this woman to death without anyone taking notice. I am glad that it was publicized, so that their wickedness can be exposed before all!

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