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Well, I have been at it again. I just can’t seem to leave things alone. If you look at the icon palette in the right-hand sidebar, you will notice that I have added a new row of button icons, bringing the total to twenty-four icons in all. These six new button icons are links to some of the more controversial articles and series which can be found on our Endtime Prophecy Net website, although not all. These six new button icons will take you to the following articles and series:

2012: New Age Deception And Psychobabble
Abortion: The Slaughter Of The Innocent
Holy Qur’an And Islam: A Doctrine Of Devils?
Nature Of The Alien
Nephilim: The Giants Of Genesis
Nostradamus: Prophet Of God, Or Messenger Of Satan?

For those of you who share my faith, I think most of you will figure out why I have chosen to link to those particular articles. We are, after all, supposed to be fishers of men; and every wise fisherman knows how to use the right bait in order to try to attract and reel in the fish, right? Oh gosh! Have I let the cat out of the bag? OOPS! :)

Seriously, those six articles represent a lot of research and writing on my part, and span a period from around 1994 to the present, but even they are only a very small portion of the full volume of articles that can be found on our Endtime Prophecy Net website. For a full list, please direct yourself to our home page by clicking on the red “EPN” button in the sidebar.

Thanks, and enjoy your reading . . . and be challenged!

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