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Over the past several days I have continued to make additional improvements and enhancements to our official Endtime Prophecy Net Blog at The most noticeable changes are the following:

1. A much expanded icon palette located on the top portion of the right-hand sidebar. Each of these 18 icons will take you to a different area of the Endtime Prophecy Net website, or else offer you another service that is available on the Endtime Prophecy Net web server. Just mouse over an icon to see an explanatory note of what it does. If you have never ventured outside of the Endtime Prophecy Net Blog, you may be surprised to learn exactly how much we actually offer here.

2. As I mentioned on my Tumblr blog yesterday, as well as on my Facebook page, while I have been using the very popular Flag Counter on our main website, Endtime Prophecy Net, for quite some time now, yesterday I installed the Revolving Map visitor globe as a widget on the lower portion of the right-hand sidebar. Compared to the Flag Counter, this new counter is rather high tech, and I must say that it looks rather nice. Not only does it give you a full incrementing visitor count, but as the globe rotates, it also shows you country flags and locations of the most recent visitors. Check it out in the sidebar and see what you think. In fact, you will notice that as one of the most recent visitors, your country flag and location will be shown on the globe as it rotates.

3. Another nice improvement is that the “Leave Your Comment” link now stands out more, being as I placed it in its own fancy, round-cornered div box with a box shadow. I also enlarged the font size. Please note that you must join our blog in order to post comments on it.

4. Yesterday I also standardized the colors of all of the links on the blog, so that there are now just three colors for regular link, hover link, and visited link.

5. Considering that my own vision is rather poor, I also went through the CSS file and standardized the font sizes, so that the smallest sized font that is now used on the blog is 12 point, except in one place. I also changed the font to small Tahoma, which is a clean easy-to-read font, somewhat similar to the Monaco font.

6. Finally, the pagination system at the top and the bottom of the page also received an update in the color scheme.

I hope that you all enjoy the improvements. Let’s just hope that this blog doesn’t die from getting better. If you aren’t familiar with that story, look it up on the Internet. It has something to do with the doctor who kept telling his patient that he was getting better, until the day that the patient finally died. In other words, he died of improvements, supposedly.

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