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In an effort to reduce the load a little on our web server, and to continue to expand our evangelistic outreach, I have just disabled one of our WordPress plug-ins, and replaced its functions by joining NetworkedBlogs.com. For those of you who are not familiar with the service -- I wasn't until today -- similar to the plug-in that I was using, NetworkedBlogs integrates with our blog by polling our feed, and publishes my blog entries on both my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Furthermore, as  you can see if you are reading this message on our Endtime Prophecy Net blog, NetworkedBlogs also adds a widget to the sidebar on the right where visitors to our blog can choose to follow our blog. It also displays their avatar or gravatar as well.

A gravatar? What's that? Who says you can't teach an old horse new tricks? I just learned about gravatars not even a week ago. A gravatar is simply a global avatar which follows you around the Internet wherever you go, once you sign up with the service at gravatar.com. Whenever  you add comments to a blog, for example, your gravatar will automatically be added to the post.

Don't you just love all of this new technology? Just keep in mind where some of it may be heading! It's not nice at all!  :(

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