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Well, I just did what I thought I would never do. Actually, this is the second thing I did today which I thought I would never ever do. First I joined Twitter using the name "WordWeaver777", and now I have gone and joined Facebook as well, using the name "WordWeaver Evangelist". I wasn't about to give either of them my real name.  :)

After joining Facebook, I installed another new WordPress plug-in which adds several new features to our blog. Just as Feedburner allows me to automatically post my blog entries here on Twitter, the new plug-in allows me to automatically post my blog entries on my Facebook "wall" as well.

Hopefully, with these new Twitter and Facebook features added to our blog, as well as the other features that I added earlier this morning, we will see more traffic on this blog, as well as on our main Endtime Prophecy Net website. Time will tell.

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