New Features On Endtime Prophecy Net Blog

I am happy to announce that I have just added some new features to our Endtime Prophecy Net Blog. These include the following:

1. A regular RSS button so that our visitors can now easily subscribe to our blog using the RSS news reader of their choice. This is made possible via my new account with FeedBurner.

2. An email icon which now allows you to receive my latest blog entries via regular email. You can receive the blog entries as either plain text, or as HTML, depending on how you have your email client set up. This is also made possible by my new FeedBurner account.

3. A tweet counter for all of you Twitter users, again, made possible by my FeedBurner account.

4. A subscribed readers counter, also made possible by FeedBurner. Right now it stands at zero, since I just implemented this new feature. Please do your part to change that. Thanks!

I hope that you all enjoy the improvements.  :)

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