God Versus The Aliens

In the opening paragraphs of my twenty-part series “Nature Of The Alien“, I made the following observation:

“I’m reminded of the famous poster that agent Fox Mulder had hanging on the wall of his office in the wildly popular “The X-Files” television program. It contained a large image of a UFO, under which were the words “I want to believe”. In the real world there are definitely a lot of Fox Mulders. So many people want to believe that we are a part of something much bigger, and that we are not alone. For those people who reject God, the Bible, and the reality of the spirit world, believing in the existence of UFO’s and alien beings fills a void in their lives. In fact, for some of them, it is easier to believe in aliens, than it is to accept the existence of a loving God who created everything from nothing.”

While I made that statement fourteen years ago in 1997, it wasn’t until recently that I became aware of how much the balance has tipped in favor of the alien and UFO crowd, insofar as our online ministry is concerned.

As some of our regular visitors to the Endtime Prophecy Net website will already know, beginning in September of last year, I undertook a concerted effort to heavily promote our website, much more than I had ever done before. This included submitting our home page URL to several dozen new search engines and link directories — a few of which I paid for — as well as joining over one hundred topsites lists. I also started my own topsites list, as well as this WordPress blog. All of these things have served to enhance our online presence, and have resulted in our Alexa site rank skyrocketing from the four million plus mark a few months ago, to our current 708,239 position; and it continues to improve every week, daily in fact.

But what caught my attention is which of these endeavors has resulted in bringing more new visitors to our site. As it turns out, it appears that it isn’t just our topsites listings, but more specifically, it is the topsites I have joined which are related to aliens and UFOs, the paranormal and New Age.

I have been keeping a record of exactly how many visitors each topsites list sends our way, so that I can determine which ones I should keep, and which ones I should eventually remove from our home page. After all, having so many vote buttons on our home page does drag down the load time of the page, which currently stands at 80/100 according to Google’s “Page Speed” webmaster tool.

Out of the 104 topsites on which I currently participate, the one which has brought in the most number of visitors is “Close Encounters” with a total of 171 visitors arriving from that topsite since I joined it December 23, 2010. In second place is “Top Prophecies Of The Bible Websites” with 107 visitors, which I joined September 7, 2010. As you can see, even though I joined “Close Encounters” over three months later, it has still brought in more visitors than the highest ranking Christian-oriented topsite.

I should point out that the visitors from the “Close Encounters” topsites list more than likely do not come to our site because they are interested in the Bible. What brings them is probably the fact that rather than using our regular EPN banner on that topsite list, I made a different eye-catching banner with several UFOs on it. Furthermore, I also changed our site description for that topsites list, so that it emphasizes our articles which deal with aliens and UFOs, Nostradamus, New Age, conspiracy theory, etc. Finally, upon clicking on the banner, they aren’t taken to our home page, but rather to my twenty-part series “Nature Of The Alien“.

So all of that to say this: If the numbers I am seeing are any indication, then it would seem that there are more people who are interested in visiting our website because of our alien and UFOs material, than those who visit us because of our Christian content. Of course, once the alien and UFO crowd do arrive on our site, they quickly discover that while I do discuss all of these different topics, they may not like what I have to say about such subjects.  :)

It has occurred to me that certain more conservative Christians may be offended to some degree upon discovering that I delve into aliens and UFOs, New Age, Nostradamus, 2012 and the Mayan Long Calendar, etc., on our website. They may even wonder what such things are even doing on a Christian website. However, before you are too quick to pass harsh judgment on our site, I urge you to take some time to seriously study exactly what I have to say concerning these different topics.

Allow me to also remind you that we are supposed to be fishers of men for the Kingdom of God. Any good fisherman has to know what bait to use in order to catch fish successfully. That being the case, I will use whatever bait draws them here — even their interest in aliens and UFOs, the paranormal and New Age — if it means giving them an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As the Apostle Paul wrote, we must be willing to become all things to all men, in order that we might win some. If we, the Body of Christ, are only interested in our own little clicks — our church congregations — and just keeping to ourselves, and just spiritually feeding ourselves, and no longer have a vision for winning new souls to Christ, then we have in fact become a dead Church, and we will cease to exist before this current generation passes. Think about it.

But again, I do find it sad that more people seem to be interested in aliens and UFOs, the paranormal, New Age, etc., than they are in God and His Word, and Biblical truth. As I point out in my articles, truly, this is an age of deception, and an age of delusion, and one can only wonder what such delusion will eventually lead to.

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