Harold Camping . . . Where is Jesus? I Am STILL Here!

Well, either I missed the train, or else Harold Camping and his misguided followers are seriously wrong. It is currently going on 2:00 AM May 22nd here, and Jesus has not returned, there has been no Rapture, and I'm still here typing away on my computer keyboard.

Such is the sad tale of all of these false "wannabe prophets". As I stated in my previous post, these men -- and women -- who make such false predictions are a reproach to the cause of Christ, they bring shame to our faith, and they cause others to ridicule us Christians even more, and to harden their hearts further against the truth of the Gospel Message.

Make no mistake. I firmly believe that Christ will return one day; but I personally am not about to make some wild speculation regarding exactly when that will be. God would really have to twist my arm before I would be willing to do that. He would have to convince me beyond a shadow of a doubt that He had revealed such a powerful truth to me.

For the record, after I became aware of Mr. Camping's prediction, I actually visited his website in order to determine exactly how he arrived at his erroneous date. His error was not difficult to find at all. In the opening paragraphs on the page, he states that based upon his personal Bible study, the Great Flood which occurred in Noah's day happened in the year 4990 BC. That date -- which purposely made his prediction fit what he wanted to believe -- is wrong, not only based upon my own Biblical studies, but upon the studies of many other Bible scholars and students as well.

Many such people -- myself included -- place the date of Creation around 4,000 BC. As I explain in my article "The Earth Is Under 7,000 Years Old!", my personal calculations -- which are based upon Biblical genealogies and other events in the Bible, as well as upon historical data -- convince me that Noah was born when the Earth was around 1,056 years old. The Bible informs us that the Flood occurred some five hundred years later -- when Noah was five hundred years old -- when the Earth was about 1,556 years old.

Now, using simple math -- and rounded figures for the sake of simplicity -- if 4,000 BC was the date of Creation, that means that the Great Flood would have occurred about 1,556 years later, at which time the date would have been 2,444 BC, and NOT anywhere near 4990 BC as Harold Camping claims. Observe:

4,000 minus 1,556 equals 2,444

Please note that I haven't updated "The Earth Is Under 7,000 Years Old!" in many years, and it no doubt needs a good update. Nevertheless, most of what it states is still valid information, if you wish to consider reading it.

But concerning misguided "prophets" such as Harold Camping", again, please refer to my five-part series entitled "Sorry . . . Jesus Is Not Coming At Any Moment!". Three other good articles which come to mind which deal with this same topic are the following:

The Office Of A Prophet
Modern False Prophets And Worldly Ecumenism
Elijah: Where Are the True Prophets?

In conclusion, we all need to ask the Lord to give us more Wisdom and Spiritual Discernment, so that we are not so easily led astray -- and deceived -- by the wild and Biblically unsupported predictions and prophecies of men like Harold Camping.

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