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I would be very appreciative if some of our members and visitors would conduct a small test for me.

I have redesigned the images that appear at the top of our Endtime Prophecy Net home page. There are now two ways to display the images — well, three actually, if we include the current page refresh method, meaning that the image changes whenever you refresh the home page.

Anyway, the two new ways are:

1. automated slideshow.
2. manual slideshow.

If you go to the following URL, you can see the automated slideshow, which currently consists of 26 images. You don’t need to do anything other than go to this page, and the slideshow will start:


If you want to see the manual slideshow where you have to click the forward and backward buttons in order to see all 26 images, then go to this URL:


Each method has its advantages. The automated way is easy, because you don’t have to do anything but sit there and watch it. The disadvantage is that some people might find the automation distracting.

On the other hand, the manual method lets you spend as much time with each image as you like, and it is not a distraction from the rest of the page, since there is no animation. I can slow down the speed even more if some of you have a hard time reading some of the longer text that is included with a few of the images.

Anyway, the more opinions I get from everyone, the easier it will be for me to decide what to do.

As my time permits, I will add more images to the slideshow.

Thanks everyone!

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