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Where Are The First Century Churches? -- An Updated Series

After two weeks of continuous work, I am pleased to announce the release of an updated and expanded version of my 1998 two-part article entitled "Where Are The First Century Churches?". Have you ever wondered what the First Century Church was actually like? Who its leaders were? How it operated? How it survived financially? Where those thousands of new converts lived? Equally important, have you wondered how much Christianity today follows the Original Blueprint of the First Century Church? This enhanced eight-part series will answer all of these questions and much more. It contains a lot of new commentary, as well as many new Bible verses to support its positions. Of course, it also contains some comments which may cause you to question your own beliefs, which will motivate you to examine your own walk with the Lord, and which will challenge you to share your faith in a way which you may have never thought of before. Continue reading

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