Freemasonry and the Danger of One World Religion

Freemasonry and the Danger of One World Religion

I am pleased to announce the release of a brand new four-part series entitled “Freemasonry and the Danger of One World Religion“.

Is Christianity compatible with Freemasonry and other organizations, movements and faiths which promote unity of the world’s religions, and encourage a One World Religion? Or are there serious issues which make this totally impossible? Read this power-packed, Scripture-filled series and form your own conclusions.

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As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this new four-part series:

Freemasonry and the Danger of One World Religion : Part 1

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Published On : October 5, 2013

Last Updated : October 5, 2013

Exposing Satan’s Evil Machinations And Deceptions, Don’t Let The Devil Sift And Devour You, Young Friend’s Involvement In Freemasonry, God’s Will Is For All Men To Be Saved, Members Of God’s Family And Household Through Faith In Jesus Christ, God Desires Repentance And Wants To Heal And Save The Lost, God’s Children By Adoption, Unbelievers Are Both Strangers And Foreigners To God, Bahá’í Beliefs, Catholics And World Council Of Churches Promote Ecumenism, One World Religion In Which Jesus Is Demoted From His Unique Status, Globalists’ Agenda Of Global Governance, Christian Compromisers And The “Many Paths” Deception, Warnings Regarding Damnable Heresies And The Doctrines Of Devils, Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb

Freemasonry and the Danger of One World Religion : Part 2

Rebellious Children Of Darkness, No Fellowship With The Works Of Darkness, Choose Whom You Will Serve, Beware Of Dangerous Brews Which Mix Light And Darkness And Good With The Evil, Peace With False Religions Can’t Be Obtained By Compromising Our Christian Beliefs, Strive To Live Peaceably With All Men, Become One In Order To Save Some, Friend Of Publicans Harlots And Sinners, Futility Of Interfaith Gatherings And Dinners, Freemason Supreme Being And Great Architect of the Universe, Forbidden To Discuss Jesus In Lodges, Volume Of Sacred Law, Examine Yourselves, Beware Of Compromise, Jesus Came To Send A Sword On The Earth, Divisive Sword Of God’s Word, Militant First Century Church, Boldly Preach The Gospel Of Salvation

Freemasonry and the Danger of One World Religion : Part 3

Reprove And Rebuke Sharply With Authority, Ancient Israel Backslides And Worships False Gods, Backslidden America, God’s Uncompromising Fiery Prophets And Preachers, Elijah And The Prophets Of Baal, David and Bathsheba, John The Baptist And King Herod, Jesus And The Moneychangers, The Boldness Of Peter And The Apostles, Stephen Is Martyred, Apostle Paul Preaches To Greeks On Mars Hill, We Are To Be Iconoclasts Of The Spirit, Don’t Be Friends With The World, Foolish Wisdom Of The World, Our Great Commission, Contrast Between One World Religion Vision And The Great Commission, The Lord’s True Church Has Always Been A Persecuted Church

Freemasonry and the Danger of One World Religion : Part 4

Persecution Of First Century Church, One World Religion Is A Ploy To Neutralize The Christian Gospel And Evangelization, Doing Good Deeds For Others And Self-Righteous Works, Beware Of The Traditions Of Men, Passover Meal And Jesus’ Sacrifice, Lure Of Secrets And Hidden Knowledge, Freemasons’ Deception And Indoctrination, Freely And Openly Share Christian Gospel, American History And The Washington DC-Freemason Connection, C-SPAN Recorded Event, Claim That Freemasons Worship Satan, Albert Pike And “Morals And Dogma”, Abel Claren De La Rive’s “The Woman and Child in Universal Freemasonry”, Satanic Quote Attributed To Albert Pike, Roman Catholics’ Anti-Freemasonry Bias, Léo Taxil And Taxil Hoax, Test The Spirits, Conclusion, Suggested Reading Resources