Endtime Prophecy Net Ministry Was Offline Due to 12-Hour Internet Outage

Greetings Christian family and friends,

As many of you no doubt noticed, beginning on Monday, September 16th around 3:00 PM EST — USA Eastern Standard Time — or a little before that, all of the services related to the Endtime Prophecy Net ministry suddenly went offline.

Here on Guam, it was Tuesday, September 17th 5:00 AM — we are fourteen hours ahead of EST — and I had just dragged myself out of bed when I made this discovery. Still quite groggy from sleep, I immediately called our ISP’s 24/7 tech support line in order to report the problem, and hopefully get it resolved ASAP. After all, everything was down: the Endtime Prophecy Net web server, web browsing, email, access to my Facebook account, etc. I was totally dead in the water. GGGRRRrrr . . .

Well, try as we might, after several attempts, we were still unable to get my cable modem reset, and it was not registering with my ISP, and neither was my router. So, the tech support guy scheduled me for a maintenance visit which was to occur about 36 hours later. Yes, I was rather irked by the fact that the entire EPN ministry would be offline for so long a time. They had never done this to me before. However, it was very early morning here, and I could not speak to someone who I knew could expedite the service to my home.

Well, around 5:00 PM on that same day — or about twelve hours later on September 17th — I called someone at our ISP who had helped me on a number of previous occasions. This person has always given me good, courteous and immediate service. If anyone could get us back online, she could.

I was not disappointed. Within half an hour — or about 5:30 PM September 17th, our local time — everything was back online again, to my relief.

While I obviously did not like the down time and my inability to access the Internet, the Internet outage was a blessing in disguise in a number of ways. For one thing, without Internet access, I was forced to use my time another way.

Thus, around 6:00 AM yesterday morning — September 17th here — I got the inspiration to resume working on the update to my 1999 article entitled “Parable of the Tree and the Storm”. After working on it nonstop for sixteen hours straight, I am happy to report that it is now completed, and I will be announcing the update in a separate blog message right after this one.

So the Internet outage was a productive time for me. Thank the Lord. 🙂