Comments Regarding US Supreme Court Rulings Concerning DOMA and Proposition 8

For those of you who are watching the same-sex "marriage" situation in the USA, while with its recent rulings the US Supreme Court basically nodded to the liberals by weakening DOMA -- the Defense of Marriage Act -- and by opening the door for Proposition 8 to be nullified in California, the fact is that in the overall scheme of things, this will still not help the LGBT crowd to advance much further in the USA.


Because about three dozen states already have constitutional bans against same-sex "marriage" on the books. This means that almost every state which is going to legalize same-sex "marriage" has already done so, with only one or two remaining, as I recall.

In short, these liberal states will serve as pockets of sin and rebellion against the Lord. They will probably also serve as magnets to draw those sinful people to their states -- thus helping to boost their economies -- as they have already begun to do.

In order for the gay and the lesbian agenda to advance much further beyond the current states where same-sex "marriage" has already been legalized, the liberals are going to have to engage in some very major -- and costly -- legal battles, because it will not be easy to overturn an amendment to a state constitution. While the constitution of every state is different, nevertheless, it will require a lot of legal weight, money, and the will of the people to undo a constitutional ban.

So does this mean that further advances will never happen, and that the LGBT crowd should be content with their current gains? While we God-fearing, Bible-believing Christians can hope that this will be so, sadly, the future outlook still does not look good for the nation, or for the world.


As I have mentioned before, it is because of the younger generation. Over the past sixty years or so, with each successive generation, young people have become more and more liberal. Even within our own families, we all have seen this happening. Our children simply do not alway think and believe as we do, even when we provide them with a strong Christian education and upbringing. It is disheartening, isn't it?

As I mention in my articles, we Christian parents can only do so much. We can teach and train our children as long as we can, in the hope that the values which we instill in them will remain. However, the time eventually arrives when each child grows up and wants to begin to make their own decisions. Furthermore, they reach the age of accountability with God, whereby the Lord holds them accountable for what they decide and do, and not us, their parents.

As some of you will know, according to media reports and pollsters -- assuming that they are honest and true -- just over half of the US population now supports same-sex "marriage". What will the percentage be ten or twenty years from now? What will happen when even more of these young liberals assume positions of power within both state governments and the federal government?

Do you see my point?

So, nationwide same-sex "marriage" probably will eventually happen, but it will be over my dead body; because hopefully, I will be long gone by then.

Time will tell.


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