Five Foolish Virgins: Don’t Procrastinate!

Five Foolish Virgins: Don't Procrastinate

I am pleased to announce the release of a brand new four-part series entitled “Five Foolish Virgins: Don’t Procrastinate!“.

This four-part series explains the profound spiritual significance of the Parable of the Ten Virgins, and shows the serious warning regarding procrastination that is contained in the same, as it relates to the Foolish Virgins and the issue of Salvation. Have you accepted Jesus yet?

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As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this new four-part series:

Five Foolish Virgins: Don’t Procrastinate! : Part 1

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Published On : June 24, 2013

Last Updated : June 24, 2013

Olivet Discourse Little Apocalypse And Book Of Revelation, Jesus Warns His Followers To Remain Alert And Be Prepared For His Return, Parable Of The Ten Virgins, Wrong Interpretation, Misguided Bible Teachers, God’s Word Often Interprets Itself, Test All Doctrines Against The Scriptures, Led By The Spirit, Jesus Knows Who God Has Drawn To Him And Who He Has Chosen, Jesus Will Never Reject Those Who Are Predestined Chosen And Drawn To Him By His Father’s Will, Jesus And Apostles Were First Sent To The Children Of Israel Only, Major Portion Of The Bible Was Written For And Directed To First Century Jews, Jesus Will Shut Out Cast Into Outer Darkness And Throw Into Everlasting Fire Those He Doesn’t Know And Who Do Not Belong To Him, Jesus’ Warnings Were Directed To The Unbelieving Jews Who Assumed Themselves To Be The True Children Of The Kingdom

Five Foolish Virgins: Don’t Procrastinate! : Part 2

Pious Jewish Religious Elders Prided Themselves In Supposedly Keeping Mosaic Law, Jesus Exposed Their Hypocritical Works, The Scribes And Pharisees Endeavored To Establish Their Own Righteousness Instead Of Trusting In Christ, Jewish Legalists Claimed Their Place In God’s Kingdom Based On Their Genetic Ties To Abraham Isaac And Jacob, What We Are In The Flesh Is Insignificant In Regards To Salvation, The Real Children Of Abraham Are Those Who Place Their Faith In Christ, Parables Are Directed To Unbelieving Jews, Jesus Banishes Children Of Hell To Everlasting Fire, Jews Who Reject Jesus Are Children Of Hell And Synagogue Of Satan, Pro-Israel Christians Take Offence, Lord Lord Group, Jesus Looked Beyond The Flattering Words Of His Enemies And Into Their Wicked Hearts, Jewish False Prophets Exorcists And Sorcerers Try To Imitate Christ, Doctrines And Traditions Of The Scribes And The Pharisees, Main Theme Of Many Of Jesus’ Parables Is Salvation Of Jews, Be Spirit-Led In Our Understanding And Search The Scriptures, Don’t Wear Doctrinal Filters Which May Blind Us To The Truth, Five Foolish Virgins Represent Unsaved Jews, The Man Without Wedding Garment, Sinful Nature, Made Righteous Through Jesus

Five Foolish Virgins: Don’t Procrastinate! : Part 3

Jesus Knows Who Belongs To Him And Who His Real Sheep Are, The Five Wise Virgins Carried Their Lamps And Spare Oil In A Second Vessel, Description Of Ancient Jewish Oil Lamps, Jewish Oil Lamps Were Fueled By Olive Oil, Construction Of The Menorah, Jesus Purposely Concealed Spiritual Truths In His Parables, Oil And The Light Represent Presence Of God’s Spirit, King David Became A Light For Israel, Jesus Is The Light Of The World In Whom The Gentiles Trust, Oil Lamps Represent Our Earthen Vessels Of Flesh In Which Holy Spirit Dwells, We Are God’s Spiritual Temples, There Is No Light Without The Power Of The Oil Of The Spirit, Earnest Of The Spirit Is A Down Payment Of Greater Spiritual Realities To Come, Why It Is The Spirit Of Promise, Our Responsibility To Let Our Spiritual Lights Shine Before The Whole World, Five Foolish Virgins Procrastinated And Had No Oil When The Bridegroom Returned, Satan’s Ruse: You Have A Lot Of Time

Five Foolish Virgins: Don’t Procrastinate! : Part 4

Sealed With The Spirit, Jesus Paid The Ransom Price For Our Redemption, We Are His Purchased Possessions And Untouchable By Satan, Sealed 144,000 Servants Of The Lord, Fate Of The Unsealed, Review Of The Key Points, How We Know That Christ Dwells In Us, Consequences Of Not Having The Holy Spirit, Final Explanation Of The Parable Of The Ten Virgins, Five Foolish Virgins Procrastinated And Were Shut Out, Why You May Reject Christianity, Eternal Truths Of God’s Word, An Invitation To Salvation, Recommended Reading Resources List