Important Update to Recently-Released “Dead to the Law” Series Now Available!

Dead to the Law

Please be advised that due to some new online information which I have come across, as well as some new Scriptural research which I have conducted, I have just released a very major and important update to my series entitled “Dead to the Law: God’s Laws Written on Our Hearts“, which I released just five days ago on June 15th.

As a result of my new research, this series has been expanded from three parts to seven parts, and includes well over one thousand lines of new commentary which was not in the original version of the series, as well as dozens of new Scriptures.

In addition to the original information, the series now identifies and exposes some of the misguided arguments which are used by certain legalists and Judaizers, in their endeavors to try to justify their legalistic position, and by which they seek to place a yoke and an unnecessary heavy burden on modern Christian Believers. It also more amply explains the changes which occurred between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant, reveals the amazing parallels between the physical and the spiritual, and ends with some verses which are sure to inspire your hearts.

My friends, I have worked extremely hard on this new release, and I am very excited to share it with you, because I believe that you will be tremendously blessed, nourished, inspired and encouraged by the amazing Word revelations which you will discover in this series.

Even if you have already read the original version of this series, I encourage you read the new expanded version of the same, particularly if you have encountered any of these hard-nosed Judaizers and legalists online. It will provide you with the Scriptural ammunition and the information that you need, in order to fight against their subtle deception.

To read this series, please click on any blue full title link that you see in this message.

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of the expanded series:

Dead to the Law: God’s Laws Written on Our Hearts : Part 1

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Published On : June 15, 2013

Last Updated : June 20, 2013

Jewish Legalism Seriously Encroaching On Our Christian Faith, Apostle Paul Disapproves Of Imposing Circumcision On Gentile Believers, Paul’s Stinging Rebuke To The Galatian Brethren, Jerusalem Was In Bondage To Mosaic Law, Jesus Died To Free Us From Sin Death And Bondage To Laws Of Moses, Apostle Peter Is Criticized By Jewish Legalists, Paul Attends Church Meeting In Jerusalem To Resolve The Issue Regarding Jewish Legalism, Peter James And John Were Jesus’ Inner Circle, The Apostle In Jerusalem Only Impose Four Restrictions On Gentile Converts, Faith In Jesus And Nothing Else, Church Elders In Jerusalem Never Mandated That Gentile Believers Must Keep Mosaic Law, Sabbath Observance Was Not Enforced On Gentile Believers By The Jerusalem Church, Our Faith Has Been Politicized By The Christian Legalists And Zionists, Our Kingdom Is Not Of This Present World, We Are God’s Ekklesia Or The Called Out Ones, Mosaic Law Was Not Intended For Gentile Nations, The Laws Of Moses Represented God’s Covenant With The Children Of Israel, One Legalist’s Attempt To Twist Meaning Of Verses In Exodus, “One Law For All” Deception, Strangers Who Dwelt Amongst The Children Of Israel Were Required To Adhere To The Mosaic Law, Definition Of “Sojourn”, Obligation To Obey The Laws Of One’s Host Country, Due To Rebellion And Sin Jews Were Dispersed To Gentile Nations By Way Of Three Diasporas, Circumcision Was Mandatory For Foreigners Who Partook Of Passover Meal And Was Path To Citizenship For Strangers Who Dwelt Amongst Children Of Israel, Story Of Dinah And Shechem, Every Man In The World Must Be Circumcised According To Legalist’s Interpretation Of Exodus, Spiritual Circumcision Of The Heart Through Faith In Christ Is All That Matters, Some Judaizers And Legalists Hate Apostle Paul And Condemn His Epistles, Bondage To Mosaic Law, List Of Known Legalists Judaizers Zionists And Sabbatarians

Dead to the Law: God’s Laws Written on Our Hearts : Part 2

Jesus Came To Fulfill The Law And The Prophets, A Legalist’s Rant, Definition Of “Fulfill”, Jesus Met All Requirements Of Mosaic Law Through His Death And Ushered In A New Covenant, Jesus Ratified His Marriage To His New Bride The Church, The Mosaic Law Is Replaced By The Law Of Love And Grace, It Is Finished, Whenever Jesus Discusses Mosaic Law In The Gospels He Does So In Reference To The Jews, The Mosaic Law Was Not Given To The Gentiles, Jesus Did Not Send Apostles To The Gentiles In The Gospels, Jesus’ Preaching Was All Directed To The Jews Who Were Still Under Laws Of Moses, Deceiving And Being Deceived, Mosaic Law Was Not Destroyed And Still Exists, Christ Is The End Of The Law For Righteousness To Every One That Believeth, Righteousness Only Comes Through Faith In Jesus, Any Jews Who Reject Christ Are Still Under Mosaic Law And Will Be Harshly Judged By The Same, Jesus’ Goal Was To Show Jews Futility Of Trying To Save Themselves Through Keeping Mosaic Law, Woman Caught In Act Of Adultery, Until We Recognize Our Hopeless Condition We Cannot See Our Need For A Savior, Jesus Did Not Come To Condemn The World But To Save It, We Condemn Ourselves When We Reject Christ, Sin Is Transgressing God’s Law, Keep My Commandments, Which Commandments Was Jesus Referring To?, Jesus Demonstrated And Taught Love Mercy And Forgiveness When The Scribes And The Pharisees Demanded Harshness Of The Mosaic Law, God’s Word Interprets Itself, “My Commandments” Refers To Love Mercy And Forgiveness, Love For God And Fellow Man Are Greatest Commandments, John Does Not Directly Discuss Mosaic Law In His Epistles, John Repeatedly Emphasizes Love Not Legalism, John Probably Means The Law Of Love When He Uses The Word “Law”, Other Apostles Also Emphasized Preeminence Of Love

Dead to the Law: God’s Laws Written on Our Hearts : Part 3

The Laws Of Moses Were Only Given To The Children Of Israel, Sabbath Observance Was A Sign Between God And The Israelites, Apostles Refused To Place Legalistic Burden On The Gentiles, Legalistic Christians Claim They Please God By Obeying Laws Which Were Never Imposed On Gentile Believers Such As The Sabbath, The Legalistic Burden Of The Scribes And Pharisees, Jesus Is Our Rest And The Lord Of The Sabbath, Legalists Want To Keep Carrying Their Legalistic Yoke And Take Pride In It, Obnoxious And Pushy Sabbath-Keeping Legalists, My Position Regarding Doctrinal Debates, Lord Lord Group And Trying To Establish Our Own Righteousness, Christ Is The End Of The Law For Righteousness For Believers, Paul’s Battle Against Jewish Legalism, Paul’s Counsel to Galatians Colossians And Romans, Aggressive Legalists And Judaizers, Abide In Your Calling, Does Our Old Testament Legalism Possibly Even Irk The Lord?, God’s Laws Are Written On Hearts Of Both Jews And Gentiles, Voice Of Conscience, God Is The Spirit Of Love, If We Are Led By The Spirit We Aren’t Under The Law, We Are Under Grace And God’s Honor System, Law Is Meant For Lawless And Disobedient, God’s Laws Stamped On Our Hearts Convict Us All Of Wrongdoing, Contrast Between The Tables Of Stone And Tables Of Our Hearts

Dead to the Law: God’s Laws Written on Our Hearts : Part 4

God Removes Stony Hearts Of Israelites And Gives Them Hearts Of Flesh, A Heart Of Stone Symbolizes Stubbornness Rebellion Spiritual Blindness And Unbelief, Religious Jews Fell Under The Deception That They Could Save Themselves By Keeping The Mosaic Law, Anyone Who Believes They Can Be Justified By The Laws Of Moses Has Fallen From Grace, Jews Will Die In Their Sins Without Christ, Jesus Died In Vain If Salvation Can Be Obtained By Mosaic Law, No One Can Keep Entire Mosaic Law, Real Truth, Christ Came To Save Us And Not To Condemn Us, Jesus’ Difficult “But I Say Unto You” Teachings, A Hopeless Situation, We Are All Born In Sin And No One Is Righteous, Biblical Definition Of Being Perfect, We Must Be Complete, God Is The Abounding Spirit Of Love, Filled With God’s Love, Harsh Mosaic Law Versus Indwelling Of God’s Spirit Of Love, Love Forgives And Covers All Sins, Led By The Spirit In Our Understanding Of God’s Word, Islam’s Cruel Legalism, Stoning

Dead to the Law: God’s Laws Written on Our Hearts : Part 5

Blessed Are The Merciful, Judged By Our Own Lack Of Mercy, Mosaic Law Reveals Sinful Nature And Points Jews To Christ, Only Justified And Made Righteous Through Faith In Christ, We Are Either Saved By Grace Or Saved By Works But Not Both, Review Of Key Points Discussed, Jesus And Apostles Exposed Religious Jew’s Abuse Of Mosaic Law To Keep Common People In Subjection, Jesus And Apostles Fully Supported Moral Aspects Of Mosaic Law, Sample Verses, We Know The Difference Between Right And Wrong Because God’s Laws Are Written On Our Hearts, Governed By The Law Of Love, Exact Nature Of The Law Of Love And The Laws God Has Written On Our Hearts, Example Of U.S. Constitution And Bill Of Rights, Law Of Love Appears To Be Comprised Of The Core Moral Laws Of The Mosaic Law, Hookers For Jesus, Doctrines Of Devils And Damnable Heresies, We Must Rightly Divide And Balance God’s Word To Arrive At The Truth, Legalists Choose To Ignore Verses Which Expose Their Harsh Legalism And Bondage To The Law, Failing To Keep The Sabbath Is Not Mentioned As A Sin In Moral Laws Of The New Testament

Dead to the Law: God’s Laws Written on Our Hearts : Part 6

Love Is The Great Commandment Royal Law And Golden Rule, Law Of Love Is Inscribed On All Our Hearts, God’s Universal Code Of Conduct, Love Is The Fulfilling Of The Law, What Is Meant By “Dead To The Law”, Jesus Christ Introduced New Covenant To Replace Old Covenant, Covenant Grew Old But Moral Laws Were Not Just Thrown Out, What Had To Be Changed, Israelites Were Not Able To Keep Mosaic Law, The Law Was Their Schoolmaster, Dependence For Being Made Righteous Changed From Keeping The Mosaic Law To Depending On Jesus’ Sacrifice, Christ Is The End Of The Law For Righteousness To Every One That Believeth, Married To Christ And Not To The Law, Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb, Jesus Did Not Destroy The Law, If We Are In Christ We Are Under Grace But If We Reject Christ We Are Under Law, Being Dead To The Law Isn’t A License To Sin, Proof That Paul Still Upheld God’s Moral Laws, Marriage To Christ Results In Spiritual Fruit, Letter Of The Law And Legalism Bring Bondage And Death While Jesus Offers Us Love Life Liberty And Fruit, Necessity For Old Testament Animal Sacrifices Became Null And Void With Jesus’ Death, Jesus Became Our Sacrificial Lamb And High Priest, Office Of Jewish High Priest And Temple Services No Longer Necessary, Jesus Warned Of Destruction Of Herod’s Temple, General Titus And Romans Destroy Jerusalem And Temple

Dead to the Law: God’s Laws Written on Our Hearts : Part 7

Jesus Is The Symbolic Cornerstone Or Foundation Stone Of God’s True Temple, We Are Living Stones In God’s Spiritual Temple, Review Of Changes Which Occurred Between The Old Covenant And New Covenant, Through His Death Jesus Became The Testator Of The New Covenant, Jesus Intercedes For Us Before The Father, We Will Someday Be Where He Is And As He Is As Well, Closing Remarks, Recommended Reading Resources