What About Religion "X"? Tools to Expose the Deception

what about religion x What About Religion X? Tools to Expose the Deception

I am pleased to announce the release of a major update to my 1998 one-part article entitled "What About Religion "X"? Tools to Expose the Deception".

This article has now been updated and expanded into a two-part article, and includes dozens of new Bible verses, as well as a lot of new commentary.

In addition, it now has my standard, wider page format, colorized verse references and a header image.

This two-part article discusses witnessing to people of non-Christian faiths, and offers EPN reading resources which will help Christians to expose the deception behind such false religions.

To read this updated article, please click on any blue full title link that you see in this message.

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of the article:

What About Religion "X"? Tools to Expose the Deception : Part 1

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Published On : June 2, 1998

Last Updated : June 12, 2013

A Backslidden Christian Embraces Islam, Answers Can Be Found In God's Word, I Am An Archeologist Of The Word, Purpose Of WordWeaver's Work, Learning God's Truth One Step At A Time, Recommended Articles, Qur'an And Islam, Identify Your Enemy, Enslaved By A Spirit Of Deception, Only Begotten Son Of God, Jesus Was More Than A Wise Teacher And Prophet, Wide Gate To Destruction, Enemies By Choice, Families Divided By Christ, Persecuted For Our Faith, Passive Rebellion By Nonbelievers, Brevity Of Human Life Span, Now Is The Day Of Our Salvation, Recognize And Understand Your Enemies, A Cloak Of Deception, Accountable For Knowing The Truth, This Is The Condemnation, Necessity Of The Blood Atonement, Lies Of The Urantia Book, Saved By Faith In Jesus Alone Without Good Works Or The Law

What About Religion "X"? Tools to Expose the Deception : Part 2

Jewish Legalism: Mosaic Law And The Traditions Of The Elders, Influence Of Mosaic Law On Modern Law, Liberal Laws Strive To Invalidate God's Word, Prophetic Link Between Old Testament Priesthood And Priesthood Established By Christ, Jesus Died Only Once For Our Sins, Salvation Plan In Three Dozen Verses, Message To The World Tract, God's Saving Grace vs Good Works, The Tools For The Job, Watch Out For The Devil's Devices, The Hope That Is In You, The Futility Of Using Pressure Tactics While Witnessing, Only God's Fruit Will Remain, Sword Of The Spirit, God's Word Will Accomplish Its Purpose, Free Will And Personal Choice, Closing Remarks, Recommended Reading List

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