Going Down the Highway of Life

Going Down the Highway of Life

I am pleased to announce the release of a major update to my 1999 one-part article entitled “Going Down the Highway of Life“.

This article has now been updated and expanded into a two-part article, and includes a lot of new Bible verses, as well as new commentary.

In addition, it now has my standard, wider page format, colorized verse references and a header image.

This two-part article exposes the vanity of following the highway of life which may lead to worldly riches and comfort, but which will leave one empty, cold and alone in the end, and without any hope of real Salvation.

To read this updated article, please click on any blue full title link that you see in this message.

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of the article:

Going Down the Highway of Life : Part 1

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Published On : June 18, 1999

Last Updated : June 12, 2013

A Gnawing Feeling Of Dissatisfaction Despite Accomplishments, Common Longing For Something Better, There Is No Fulfillment When We Are Out Of Union With God, The Fall Of Adam And Eve, Satan’s Subtle Tactics Are Still At Work Today, Devil Is The Lying Deceiving False God Of This World, In His Role As The God Of Materialism Satan Tempted Jesus In The Wilderness, In A Moment Of Time, Satan Has Tempted Humanity With Materialism For Thousands Of Years, Resist Satan’s Carnal Temptations By God’s Grace, Human Rat Race And Building On Wrong Foundation, No Other Foundation But Jesus, Satan’s Artificial World, Ugly Sores And Rapists Of God’s Planet, God Will Destroy Those Who Destroy The Earth, Futility Of Gaining Worldly Wealth, The Patriarchs Of Old Embraced A Heavenly Vision, We Are Called Out And Separated From This World, Flawed Manual Detours And Dangerous Back Roads, A Choice Between Two Paths To Follow, Jesus Is The Door Strait Gate And Narrow Way To Eternal Life

Going Down the Highway of Life : Part 2

Stay On The Narrow Way And The Right Path Which Leads To The Strait Gate And The Right Door, Parable Of The Ten Virgins, Carefully Follow God’s Drivers Manual, Watch Out For Satan’s Detours Bumps And Other Obstacles And Distractions, Remain Focused With Your Eyes Set In Front Of You On Jesus And Your Ultimate Destination, Choose Life And Live And Don’t Be Of A Double Mind, Parable Of The Prodigal Son, Husks Or Father’s House, Some Honest Questions, Apply The Brakes And Get Back On Track With The Lord, Now Is The Time, Brevity Of Our Human Existence, Accept Christ Today, Condemned Through Disbelief, No Condemnation In Christ, Take The Highway To Heaven Or The Low Road To Destruction, Closing Remarks, Reading Resources