Sex, a Bowl of Soup, and the Nature of Angels

Sex, a Bowl of Soup, and the Nature of Angels

I am pleased to announce the release of a major update to my 2002 one-part article entitled “Sex, a Bowl of Soup, and the Nature of Angels“.

This article has now been updated and expanded into a three-part series, and includes dozens of new Bible verses, as well as a lot of new commentary.

In addition, it now has my standard, wider page format, colorized verse references and a header image,

This three-part series delves into the bodily nature of Angels, their functions as God’s servants, and their historic intervention in human affairs. Also discussed is the transformation of the Saints of God into similar Celestial Beings.

To read this new series, please click on any blue full title link that you see in this message.

As is my custom, below is my synopsis of this brand new three-part series:

Sex, a Bowl of Soup, and the Nature of Angels : Part 1

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Published On : June 9, 2013

Last Updated : June 9, 2013

Our Human Composition, Bodies Of The Angels, Marriage Unions, Woman With Seven Husbands And Levitical Law, A Sexual Desire Amongst Rebellious Angels, Free Will And Personal Choice In Heaven, Satan Azazel And Fallen Angels, Esau’s Bowl Of Soup, Fallen Angels Give Birth To Giant Nephilim, Important Lessons From “City Of Angels”, Forgiveness Of Sins Through Faith In Christ, We Don’t Get What We Really Deserve, Wisdom Of God, Be Content With What We Have And Watch Out For Materialism, Judgement Of The Fallen Angels, Angels Share Some Traits With Humans, Angels Are Vulnerable To Temptation, Angels Possess A Degree Of Free Will, God Sometimes Purposely Chooses To Limit His Power To Achieve A Goal, God’s Ways Are Past Finding Out

Sex, a Bowl of Soup, and the Nature of Angels : Part 2

Materialization Of Angels In The Physical Realm, Entertaining Angels Unawares, Intervention By Angels In Human Affairs, The Function Of Angels, Messengers And Scouts, Malak And Aggelos, Appearances Of Angels In Human History Is Quite Rare, Genuine Faith Does Not Require Signs And Manifestations, There Shall No Sign Be Given, Though One Rose From The Dead, The Reality Of Guardian Angels, Newborn Infants And Having The Faith Of A Little Child, Angel Gabriel Is One Of God’s Mighty Celestial Messengers, Zacharias Mary And The Prophet Daniel, Gabriel’s Status As An Archangel, Seven Angels Stand In God’s Presence, Michael Is A Warrior Archangel Who Fights The Lord’s Battles, Physical Nature Of Angelic Encounters, Abram’s Three Angelic Guests, Before Abraham Was I Am, Lot’s Two Dinner Guests And Escape From Sodom, Jacob’s All-Night Angelic Wrestling Match, Did Jacob See God Or An Angel, No Man Has Seen God At Any Time

Sex, a Bowl of Soup, and the Nature of Angels : Part 3

Elohiym Also Means Angels So Jacob Saw An Angel And Not God, Joshua And The Captain Of The Lord’s Host, Moses And Burning Bush, Angels Ministering Spirits And Flames Of Fire, Manoah’s Angelic Messenger, Daniel And John Are Touched By Celestial Beings, Apostle Peter’s Angelic Liberator, Joseph Receives Instructions From An Angel Who Speak To Him In His Dreams, Jesus Appears To Over Five Hundred Of His Disciples Following His Resurrection From The Dead, Thomas And The Risen Christ, More Blessed To Believe Without Having Seen, A Resurrected Jesus Partakes Of Food With The Apostles, Our Resurrection Bodies, Closing Remarks, Suggested Reading Resources List