Contrary to St. Malachy Prediction Regarding Petrus Romanus, Francis I is Elected as the New Pope

Well, my friends, thank God that another false prophecy or prediction has finally been exposed for what it is. I am referring to the long-believed "papal prophecies" of St. Malachy, which I discuss in the article entitled "Nostradamus: Prophet of God, or Messenger of Satan?"

As you may know, according to St. Malachy's "predictions" -- or at least the way in which they have been interpreted in our modern times -- the newly elected pope was supposedly going to be called "Petrus Romanus", or Peter the Roman. According to the "prophecy", he would also be the final pope of the Roman Catholic Church, would betray the church, and would in fact bring about its destruction.

Even a number of popular Christian false prophets -- such as Tom Horn -- were promoting this erroneous belief in their books, and making money from it. Christians on Internet websites -- such as YouTube -- and social networks such as Facebook, were likewise promoting the very same delusion. Even though I warned my online Christian friends to stop being fooled by this deception, in their foolishness, some of them kept right on promoting this silly lie right up to the last minute when the name of the new pope was announced only hours ago. I hope that some of these Christians are ashamed now that they were so easily deceived and led astray by all of the St. Malachy hype. I hope they have learned something from this experience.

Sadly, as I mention in the series entitled "2012: New Age Deception and Psychobabble", it was the same story with the Mayan long calendar and December 21, 2012. Many Christians were likewise deceived by that foolish deception as well -- and actively promoted it -- even though I warned them to wake up and stop promoting a lie. Again, Tom Horn was one of the main instigators behind that error as well, and earned a profit from his book sales, as did other writers.

I had been waiting for and anticipating this latest development ever since Pope Benedict XVI shocked the Roman Catholic world when he resigned -- supposedly due to health reasons -- only weeks ago. While I realized that there was a slight possibility that in some way St. Malachy's prediction might somehow be interpreted by its adherents as having come true, for the most part, I was confident that my own position would be vindicated, and that Malachy would be exposed as a false prophet, which has now occurred. As Jesus Himself said:

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."
<font color="#0000ff">Matthew 7:20, KJV</font>

The white smoke finally went up at the Sistine Chapel on the fifth ballot, indicating the election of the new pope by the Vatican conclave. As you may have already heard, surprisingly, the Vatican conclave chose 76-year-old Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church. What is interesting is the fact that contrary to the expectations of Vatican watchers -- and even some cardinals themselves -- that a younger pope would be selected this time -- possibly in his early sixties at the latest -- Bergoglio was actually the oldest of the known possible candidates. Furthermore, prior to the conclave, he was never even mentioned as being in the list of frontrunners.

Most importantly, as it pertains to this discussion regarding St. Malachy's predictions, Cardinal Bergoglio has taken the papal name of Pope Francis I. Bergoglio is the first non-European pontiff in almost 1,300 years. The last one was Syrian-born Pope Gregory III during the eighth century. In addition to being the third non-Italian pope in a row, Cardinal Bergoglio is also the first Jesuit pope as well.

But as I said, the key point to consider here is that neither in his original Argentine name, or in his chosen papal name, do we find the name Peter. That being the case, we are forced to conclude that the so-called "papal prophecies" of St. Malachy are completely bogus. At the very least, how they have been interpreted in our modern day is seriously flawed. After all, I don't see Petrus Romanus anywhere. Do you? Does anyone want to wager that Pope Francis I won't be the final pope of Rome either?


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3 Responses to Contrary to St. Malachy Prediction Regarding Petrus Romanus, Francis I is Elected as the New Pope

  1. Eric says:

    I'd read this one from a website and few tweet messages regarding the name of Pope Francis aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio especially on his surname and the name he'd chose as Francis. According to some that his surname is an Italian translation meaning the hills or rock of Oglio, a river from Northern Italy and the name of St. Francis of Assisi's dad was Peter, thus it coincide of the name Petrus Romanus. How true was that?

  2. WordWeaver WordWeaver says:

    Eric, it is utter nonsense. If people dig deep enough, they can convince themselves of anything, which is what a lot of people do, because they want so bad to believe in something. They will even deceive themselves, as the people you mention are apparently doing.

    Pointing to St. Francis of Assisi's father being named Peter is really a major stretch, in my view. These people want so much to believe that St. Malachy's "predictions" are true, that they won't be happy until they find something somewhere in history which convinces them that it is so, and that is exactly what they seem to have done.

    The fact of the matter is that everyone that I know of who believes in St. Malachy's predictions, has been clearly saying that this new pope would be called Peter the Roman, or Petrus Romanus. Well, sir, he isn't. Not only is Peter not a part of his chosen papal name, but it is not even a part of his birth name either. For me, that settles it. If you wish to believe otherwise, that is entirely up to you.
    However, as I said, to believe otherwise is self-imposed deception.

    If I were a rich man, and if I believed in betting -- which I don't -- I would bet you a bundle that Francis I will not be the final pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Neither will the RCC be destroyed during his reign. It is all nonsense.

  3. Charles Kruschinska says:

    I really find it difficult to believe that people that call themselves Christians would fall for these false prophets, and try to twist events any way they can to show these false prophets to be true. And a lot of these same Christians refuse to believe that the as of yet unfulfilled prophesies in the Bible will ever come true.

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