Nationally-Legalized Same-Sex "Marriage": Not If, But When

I was just reading an article in the New York Times called "Republicans Sign Brief in Support of Gay Marriage". It concerns how dozens of prominent, high-level Republicans have signed an amicus brief -- a legal friend-of-the-court document -- in support of same-sex "marriage". The document will be submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court this week. The reason why this development is so important, is because next month, the Supreme Court will be hearing back-to-back cases regarding California's Proposition 8 -- which bans same-sex "marriage" -- as well as a case which challenges the constitutionality of the 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act.

A key paragraph in this NYT article which particularly caught my attention is the following:

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"The die is cast on this issue when you look at the percentage of younger voters who support gay marriage," said Steve Schmidt, who was a senior adviser to the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain of Arizona, and who signed the brief. "As Dick Cheney said years ago, 'Freedom means freedom for everybody.'"

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The reason why this particular paragraph caught my attention, is because in an entry I made on this blog in November of last year, I expressed the very same concerns regarding the very liberal younger generation which is beginning to take the reins of leadership in the USA. Following are some excerpts from that blog entry:

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Rather than concern ourselves with the Bible being banned, I think that a greater concern is the fact that over the past fifty years, social attitudes in the United States -- and no doubt elsewhere as well -- have become increasingly liberal. At this current time, we are without a doubt witnessing the most liberal generation which the nation has ever seen. The difference in attitudes between so-called "baby boomers" and their children is mind-boggling. I find it alarming. Those of you who have raised children of your own during this time frame will know exactly what I am talking about.

When I was a young boy growing up, there was zero cussing on the television set. Actors were always dressed modestly. Any form or suggestion of sexual promiscuity was nonexistent, at least in the TV shows that we were permitted to watch. If a white man were to date a black woman, it would still cause eyes to turn in disapproval. While homosexuality obviously existed back then just as it does now, the notion of same-sex "marriage", or openly gay and lesbian individuals serving in the priesthood would never have been imagined, and much less tolerated.

How far we have come since those days. How low we have gone. What an abomination we have become in the eyes of the Lord. The tragedy is that I am convinced that we have not yet hit rock bottom. I believe that the only reason why this has not happened yet, is because conservative attitudes still remain strong in both government and in American society in general. But that bulwark of conservatism is slowly but surely being eroded, as is clearly evidenced by the developments of recent decades. As our children begin to come into their own, and take the reins of leadership, what will it mean? What should we expect for the nation?

I wish that I could say that all will be well. However, given the current trends and prevalent attitudes, personally, I am simply not convinced of this. Whether the Bible is banned or not, unless attitudes suddenly change, within a generation or two, the United States may no longer be what we once knew as children. It will be something else. It will be a place where I personally would not want to live. It may very well be just another Sodom and Gomorrah; and we all know what happened to those two cities. It is up to our children to stop it before it is too late.

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As Republican strategist and former House leadership aid John Feehery noted in the aforementioned article "The ground on this is obviously changing, but it is changing more rapidly than people think." Even as observers looking at this issue from the outside, I think we can all recognize that the handwriting is on the wall. Even in our own circles -- and tragically, even within some of our own families -- we can see how true this is. In many cases, our children are not like us at all. They do not embrace the same Christian values as we do. Some of them are even involved in gay or lesbian relationships themselves, and they view us as being old-fashioned, and out of sync with the times. It is truly disappointing and heartbreaking to say the least. While I don't know how much this information can be trusted, being as its source is the liberal New York Times, this article also states the following:

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Polls show that public attitudes have shifted drastically on same-sex marriage over the past decade. A majority of Americans now favor same-sex marriage, up from roughly one third in 2003.

While Republicans lag behind the general population — the latest New York Times survey found a third of Republicans favor letting gay people marry — that, too, is changing quickly as more young people reach voting age. Several recent polls show that about 70 percent of voters under 30 back same-sex marriage.

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So again, regarding nationally-legalized same-sex "marriage", I honestly don't believe that the question is "if", but rather "when" and "how soon".

May God have mercy on us all!


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