Cardinal Ratzinger's Rebellion

PopeBenedict Cardinal Ratzingers Rebellion

I am pleased to announce the release of an update to my 2005 article entitled "Cardinal Ratzinger's Rebellion".

This article has been expanded into a four-part series and includes some new commentary -- particularly regarding Pope Benedict XVI's sudden resignation -- some new Bible verses, better paragraph formatting, colorized verse references, spelling corrections and a graphic header.

This four-part series is a mini-biography regarding Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger -- who most people know as Pope Benedict XVI -- and exposes his herectical views regarding the issue of Salvation. Also discussed are his resignation, and Petrus Romanus and the so-called "papal prophecies" of St. Malachy.

To read this updated series, please click on any blue full title link that you see in this message:

As is my custom, below is a synopsis of this four-part series.

Cardinal Ratzinger's Rebellion -- A Mini-Biography and Exposé Of Pope Benedict XVI : Part 1

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Published On : May 23, 2005

Last Updated : February 12, 2013

Biography Of Cardinal Ratzinger, His Conservative Background, Points Of Agreement Between Protestants And Catholics, False Catholic Doctrines, All Have Sinned, Wages Of Sin Is Death, God's Intolerance For Disobedience, God's Patience And Mercy, Blood Sacrifice And Remission Of Sins, Jesus As The Testator Of The New Covenant, Penalty Of Sin, Jesus Paid Our Ransom, Christ Died For All Of Our Sins, One-Time Sacrifice Of Love, Universal Nature Of Salvation Plan, Jesus Christ The Only Way

Cardinal Ratzinger's Rebellion -- A Mini-Biography and Exposé of Pope Benedict XVI : Part 2

God Doesn't Play Favorites, Jesus Was Without Sin, God Is No Respecter Of Persons, Chosen People Doctrine, Satanic Jewish Leaders, Jews Forsook Kingdom Of God, Spirit Of Antichrist, Jesus' Offensive Doctrines, New Nation Founded Upon Christ's Blood, Worldly Empire Of Satan, Building On Right Foundation, Jesus The Cornerstone, Christians Are Chosen People of God, Replacement Theology, Simple Gospel For Simple-Minded People, Chosen By God, Predestination, All One In Christ, "Good" Jews

Cardinal Ratzinger's Rebellion -- A Mini-Biography and Exposé of Pope Benedict XVI : Part 3

Jewish Lineage Of Christ And His Followers, Growth Of Early Church, Differentiating Between Chief Priests And Priests, Annas Caiaphas And The Corrupt Core, Jewish Priestly Courses Murderous Plot Of Chief Priests, Blood-Thirsty Jewish Mobs, Instruments In God's Hands, God's Divine Purpose - Salvation Jewish Remnant Shall Be Saved, Jesus' Sacrifice Cornerstone Of Our Faith, Pro-Catholic, Ambiguities and Mysteries Can We Be Saved Without Acknowledging Christ?, Jesus' Central Role, Key Points Of Our Faith, Pope Benedict XVI Like A God, Blind Leading The Blind, Spirit Of Complacency, Lake Of Fire, Destruction Of The Unbelievers, Global Evangelism, Brevity Of Our Human Existence, Ratzinger's Rebellion And False Gospel, Beware Of Lying And Seducing Spirits And Doctrines Of Devils

Cardinal Ratzinger's Rebellion -- A Mini-Biography and Exposé of Pope Benedict XVI : Part 4

Ratzinger's Rebellion And False Gospel, Millions Of People Lost And Cursed Due To Believing Benedict XVI's Doctrine of Devils, Update: Pope Benedict XVI Announces His Resignation, Papal Prophecies Of St. Malachy, Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Doctrine, Roman Catholic Church And Rome Predicted To Be Destroyed, Will Vatican Use Petrus Romanus Belief As A Means To Promote Their Own Agenda, People Deceived By Their Own Choice, Test The Spirits, Many False Predictions Over The Decades Have Made Me A Skeptic, Suggested Reading List

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