OSAS: Are We Once Saved, Always Saved?

OSAS - Are We Once Saved, Always Saved?

I am pleased to announce the release of a major update to my 1997 one-part article entitled “Are We Once Saved, Always Saved?“.

This article has now been expanded into a three-part series and includes a lot of new commentary, dozens of new Bible verses, better paragraph formatting, colorized verse references, spelling corrections and a graphic header.

This three-part series closely examines the OSAS — Once Saved, Always Saved — doctrine, and determines whether or not Salvation is truly eternal, or if it can be lost, and must somehow be regained.

Warning: I realize that the Once Save, Always Saved doctrine has been a great source of contention, division and debate amongst theologians, Bible teachers and other Christians for many years now. Everyone is convinced of their particular point of view. To those of you who may possibly disagree with my position, please note that I am strongly opposed to doctrinal debate, for reasons which I fully explain in the article entitled “Should Christians Engage in Doctrinal Debates?”. As such, please do not email me with your arguments; do not seek to debate this issue on my Facebook timeline; and do not seek to argue with me via Facebook private chat. Please be considerate, and please be wise, by respecting my wishes. Thank you.

To read this updated series, please click on any blue full title link that you see in this message:

As is my custom, below is a synopsis of this three-part series.


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Published On : May 31, 1997

Last Updated : February 7, 2013

Do We Forfeit God’s Free Gift Of Salvation When We Sin, We Are Washed Clean By The Blood Of The Lamb, All Have Sinned, Wages Of Sin is Death, Jesus Is Our Father’s Ambassador Of Love, Jesus Offered Himself As Vicarious Atonement For Our Sins, Jesus Opened The Way To Eternal Life, Verbally Confess Christ, Jesus Is Our Only Savior And God’s Only Recognized Mediator, Faith In Christ Makes Us God’s Children Through Spiritual Adoption, Salvation And Eternal Life Is Offered To All Men, We Continue To Sin After Accepting Christ Into Our Lives, False Sinless Saint Doctrine, Blunders By Apostles: Bothered By The Children, Calling Fire Down From Heaven, Peter’s Denial Of Jesus, Fleeing From Garden Of Gethsemane We Don’t Become Sinless Saints Upon Accepting Jesus Christ, Beware Of Attitude Of Condescension And Self-Righteousness


Salvation Is The Free Gift Of God Through Faith In Christ, It Is Impossible To Be Saved By Our Works Of Righteousness, We Are Saved By Either God’s Grace Or By Our Own Works But Not By Both, Working To Earn A Gift No Longer Makes It A Gift, God The Father Revealed His Love To The World Through The Divine Gift Of His Son, Jesus Paid Full Purchase Price And Ransom For Our Gift Of Salvation, Grace Signifies God’s Unmerited Favor, Grace = Gift Received At Christ’s Expense, We Were Held Hostage By The Devil Sin And Death, Jesus Now Holds The Keys Of Hell And Death, Keys Represent Authority And Opportunities In The Bible, Jesus Is Keeper Of The Keys, Nothing Can Separate Us From The Love Of God Through Christ, God Does Not Lie, Satan Is A Liar Deceiver And The Accuser, Jesus Is The Door To Salvation And Eternal Life Which No Man Can Shut, Jesus Unlocked Prison Door Of Hell And Death And Liberated Us, Freed From Physical Corruption Of The Grave, Through Christ We May Partake Freely Of The Water Of Life, Symbolism And Allegory In The Scriptures, Our Salvation Is Totally A Work Of God Through Jesus Christ, We Cannot Save Ourselves Or Keep Ourselves Saved Once We Have Been Saved, Temptation Of Wondering If We Have Done Enough, Our Enough Is Never Enough, Do You Worry About Your Salvation Or Have Peace Of Christ, That Ye May Know That Ye Have Eternal Life


Jesus Will Never Cast Us Out Or Forsake Us, He Will Complete The Work He Has Begun In Us, Jesus Will Keep Us From Falling, Author And Finisher Of Our Faith, Abandonment And Betray In The Garden Of Gethsemane, Which Thou Hast Given Me, The Lord Knoweth Them That Are His, Only Jesus Can Keep Us All Saved, Jesus’ Mission On Earth Was Confirmed Approved Authenticated By God The Father, Seal Of God Is God’s Stamp Of Approval, Divine Agreement Is Sealed For Eternity, Seal Of God Is The Indwelling Of Holy Spirit Or Our Treasure In Earthen Vessels, We Become Parties To And Beneficiaries of Divine Agreement, We Confirm That God Is True By Accepting Christ’s Testimony, God’s Servants Are Sealed In Book Of Revelation, Earnest Of Our Inheritance Is Our Down Payment, Our Glorified Spiritual Bodies, Divine Agreement And Stipulation Can’t Be Broached, Ludicrous To Think We Can Return Our Gift, Human Free Will Cannot Override Or Defeat God’s Divine Purposes, Once Saved Always Saved, Impossible To Return The Gift, Know And Believe That You Have Eternal Life Now, Beware Of False Doctrine That Claims We Can Lose Our Salvation, Foolishness Of Repetitive Salvation Prayers, Deceiving, And Being Deceived, Importance Of Grounding Ourselves In God’s Word, We Cannot Be “Unborn”, We Must Only Be Saved Once Because Jesus Only Died Once For Our Sins, OSAS Isn’t A Free License To Sin, Reading Resources