Longhairs and Weirdy Beardies vs. the Legalists

Longhairs and Weirdy Beardies vs. the Legalists

I am pleased to announce the release of a new three-part series entitled "Longhairs and Weirdy Beardies vs. the Legalists".

This series discusses the debate regarding whether or not it is permissible for men to have long hair and sport beards. It compares the Apostle Paul's comment with the rest of the Scriptures in order to arrive at its conclusion, and also warns of the dangers of legalism. Are you a legalist, or have you been liberated by Jesus Christ?

To read this new series, please click on any blue full title link that you see in this message.

As is my custom, below is a synopsis of each of the three parts.

Longhairs and Weirdy Beardies vs. the Legalists : Part 1

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Published On : January 5, 2013

Last Updated : January 5, 2013

Problem Of Legalism, Jewish Legalists Tried To Trap Jesus In His Words, Jesus Silenced The Opposition, Jesus Exposed The Hypocrisy Of Jewish Scribes And Pharisees, Church Council In Jerusalem Establishes Minimal Restrictions For The Gentile Christians, Apostle Paul's Continuous Battle With The Jewish Legalists, Certain Modern-Day Christians Promote Legalism, Free From Bondage Of The Law Through Faith In Jesus Christ, Run-Ins With Legalists On My Facebook Timeline, Long-Haired Jesus Knocking On The Door, Apostle Paul's Comment Regarding Men With Long Hair, Dangerous To Establish Doctrines Based On One Single Verse, Paul Expresses His Personal Opinion On A Number Of Occasions, Not Every Word Is "Thus Saith The Lord", Apostle Paul Was Very Knowledgeable Of The Scriptures, Paul Frequently Quoted From Old Testament In His Epistles, Paul Offers No Scriptural Support For His Long Hair Comment, Look To Nature, Lion And Lioness, Mosaic Laws Regarding Nazarites, Nazarites Were Separate Holy People Unto God, Nazarites Had Long Hair and Beards, Nazarites Prohibited From Drinking Wine And Eating Products Of The Vine, Samson Was A Nazarite, We Are Called And Chosen Even Before We Are Born, Samson Falls For Delilah, Samson's Hair Is Cut By Delilah, Samson Is Taken Prisoner And Blinded, Samson Brings Down The Temple Of Dagon

Longhairs and Weirdy Beardies vs. the Legalists : Part 2

John The Baptist Was Likewise A Long-Haired Bearded Nazarite, John Preaches Baptism Of Repentance In Jordan River Valley, John Is Beheaded By Herod Agrippa Due To His Wife Herodias, No One Knows What Jesus Looked Like, Jesus Was Probably Not A Nazarene, Jesus Converted Water Into Wine And Drank Wine, Marriage In Cana Of Galilee, Gluttonous Man And Winebibber, Jesus' Final Passover Meal, Jesus Refused Wine And Myrrh On The Cross At Calvary, Theory Regarding Why Jesus Refused To Drink Wine And Myrrh, Jesus' Crucifixion Was Sweetsmelling Or Well-Pleasing Sacrifice To The Father, I Am Well Pleased, Nazarites Were Not Permitted To Touch Or Be Near The Dead, Jesus Raises Lazarus From The Dead, Jairus' Young Daughter Is Raised From The Dead, Some Modern Artistic Expressions Of Jesus' Physical Appearance Are Based On Shroud Of Turin, King David's Son Absalom Only Cut His Hair Once Per Year, No Scriptural Evidence Found To Indicate It Was Mandatory For Israelite Men To Have Short Hair, Many Old Testament Men Sported Beards, Long Hair And Beards May Have Been Norm In Ancient Israel, Having A Beard Was A Sign Of Masculinity, Neither OT Or Jesus Condemn Long Hair, Calling Of Jeremiah

Longhairs and Weirdy Beardies vs. the Legalists : Part 3

God Looks At Our Heart And Not At Our Physical Appearance, Our Body Is The Tabernacle And Temple Of God's Holy Spirit, Some Legalistic Churches Turn Paul's Long Hair Comment Into An Immovable Commandment, Grievous Yoke Of Bondage Hoisted On Church Congregants, Legalistic And Carnal Or Spirit-Led, Facebook Timeline Critics Please Stay Away, The Correctors, My Critic's False Accusation Of Being Proud And Unteachable, Correctors Always Attack When One Does Not Agree With Them, Suffer Not A Woman To Teach, Honor And Respect The Spiritual Elders, Learn From The Elders In Quiet Spirit Of Meekness, Know-It-All Attitude, Humility In Our Understanding Of God's Word, My Critic's Double Standard And Hypocrisy, Breaking One Law Makes Us Guilty Of Breaking All, Hypocrites Who Say But Do Not, Great Respect For Apostle Paul, Not Every Word Is "Thus Saith The Lord", No Biblical Commandment Mandating Short Hair, In Nature The Male Lion Has A Large Mane, Jesus Is The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah, We Are Not Old Testament Jews Who Are In Bondage To Jewish Customs And Traditions, Love Is The Fulfillment Of The Law, Legalism Makes Us Cold Hard Critical And Judgmental, God's Love Makes Us Patient Merciful And Forgiving, Closing Remarks, Reading Resources


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2 Responses to Longhairs and Weirdy Beardies vs. the Legalists

  1. Grace Southern says:

    I would like to know which post would be right for the people who refuse to accept the Name, JESUS CHRIST, and insist on only using the Name, Yeshua Messiah.....these are people who are pro jewish and believe that those who believe in CHRIST JESUS are not on the right path......because they say that those who use the Word "LORD" are pagan.... Do you have an article that addresses this subject?

    • WordWeaver WordWeaver says:

      Hello Grace. Thanks for your comment. Grace, the truth of the matter is that you are wasting your time even trying to convince such people. Trust me; you can't win with the legalists. They will believe whatever they want to believe. You can talk to them until you are blue in the face, and it won't make a bit of difference.

      The fact of the matter -- as they no doubt already know -- is that they are straining at a gnat, and swallowing a camel. Debating over whether to use Jesus Christ or Yeshua Messiah is like arguing over whether to use Robert or Roberto. It is the SAME name, except in two different languages.

      The name "Jesus" is the English transliteration of the Greek "Iesous". In turn, "Iesous" is the New Testament Greek transliteration of the Hebrew "Yehowshuwa". All three of them mean "Jehovah -- or YHWH if you prefer -- is salvation". In fact, "Yehowshuwa" is also translated into English as Joshua or Jehoshua as well.

      Along the same lines, the word "Christ" is the English transliteration of the Greek "Christos". This word means "anointed". So basically, Jesus Christ really means "Jesus the Anointed One", because He was anointed with Spirit of His Father without measure.

      In the Old Testament, the word "messiah" is used instead. It is derived from the Hebrew "mashiyach", or "moshiach" or "mashiach". Different people spell it different ways. Either way, this Hebrew word likewise means "anointed".

      So what we see then, is that regardless of whether we use the Hebrew "Yeshua Messiah", or the Greek "Iesous Christos", or the English Jesus Christ, it all means the very same thing, and is referring to the very same person.

      That is why the argument and the debate is so ridiculous and time-wasting in my view.

      You can share all of the above with your legalistic friends, but trust me; they won't budge an inch; or else they will tell you that you are wrong, just because of their pride, or because they want to prove how much they love the Jews and Israel, or whatever other argument they throw at you.

      Personally, I am totally fed up with such people, and I keep them at arms length on my timeline, if I even let them in the door at all. If they start up with their legalism, they are history.

      I don't know if you have read it yet, but if not, I encourage you to read the following series. It will explain to you exactly what I think of all of this nonsense:

      Article: "Welcome to Greater Israel, USA":


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